Weekend Adventures

Well its Monday now (booo) but given how wonderful of a weekend we had, I won’t complain.

My paternal grandmother was able to come to town and see our house, which has been great.  Since Alex works Saturdays my grandmother and I went to Ikea. (That is one dangerous, but fun store) I walked in with the intention to only purchase a small cutting board and kill some time on a very blistery day, and walked out with a hearts ice-cube tray, hall way rug, and cutting boards. Still, only a whopping $22 spent. The best part of the trip though, MEATBALLS!

Have you had those things? Oh my gosh your taste buds will thank you.

Your waistline will not.

Sunday we all went to church and then Red Robin for lunch, (YUMMM!) before making a brief stop at the shopping center to look for books for Alex.  Plus on a very, VERY, high note Alex and I were able to take some time on the drives to and from the restaurant to talk. I learned some new info and he did as well. Which was definitely a big fat positive to the weekend in my book.

On Sunday evening it was time for the main event, at least for my hosting skills. We had everyone over for dinner which I was able to set with our wedding silverware, goblets, place mats, napkins, and chargers.

Which was great since I’ve used them only once before in the whole year and a half we’ve been married!

My Dad and Grandmother talked all sorts of things at dinner.

My Mom and Brother talked iPhones.

Alex provided some musical entertainment in the form of water in a wineglass he was cleaning.

And I….well, as there are photos and you can’t see me in any of them. You’ve got a pretty good idea of where I am. There are some advantages and disadvantages to always being the one behind the camera.

But so far, biggest advantage? No bad hair days.


2 responses to “Weekend Adventures

  1. So happy you had a great weekend! If I were you I would be SOOOOOO excited to use your wedding silverware and goblets and chargers. That was a dream of mine when I was registering but my husband I both knew we would NEVER use them so we didn’t even bother registering so I am SO jealous! I am also SO SO jealous you went to IKEA- meatballs- divine! I need to get over there soon to look for a new cover for our down blanket! I’m so happy you had such a fabulous time! and.. finally.. YAY for no bad hair days!!!

  2. I had such a great time with all of you!
    Now it’s your turn to come to Florida………..