It looks Sew Good.

How to sew curtains in a cat infested house.

Step one: Measure the area you need to fit a curtain in, contemplate how dang ugly it is and how much you can’t wait to hide such unseemly items from public view.

Step two: Inform the cats that they cannot hide under the rugs. Straighten the rugs and lay out the fabric.

Step Three: Measure the fabric FAST. Otherwise your measuring tape will go missing.

Step Four: Cut, iron, pin, and basically get it all ready for sewing.

Step Five: Drop your jaw at what happens next.

Alex is a man. He’s a MANLY man most of them time. (Complete with the scent of “hard-work.”) So the concept of getting him to do more, :: ahem ::, feminine tasks is hard to picture. Most days.

So imagine my surprise when as my Grandmother is helping us sew our curtains for the bathroom she steps away and tells Alex to finish the hem.

He balked, as expected, but then…oh sweet heaven…then he sat down in front of the machine. He took a good hard look at both of us like we were crazy. And then…

HE SEWED! Granted he had a beer in his hand for part of it, but still.

I’m sure he’s loving the fact that I’m telling this story, but at the same time he posed for a photo for me. So, his fault I have picture proof.

The curtains really were a family affair. Which is awesome since it’s OUR house.

So our bathroom before and after.

The curtains make such a huge difference. Now I have an area to hide, at least from view, the icky stuff you know is in a bathroom but that no one really wants to see. I realize our house is a little unique in design, but do you have anything like this in your house?


7 responses to “It looks Sew Good.

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Your grandma’s powers of persuasion are highly impressive!!


  3. I think the curtains are a big improvement – good job. Also? Of course Alex tried sewing – it involves a machine that pokes holes in things and can cause injury!

  4. You know – I didn’t think of a sewing machine as dangerous till you pointed it out. Now I have to fear him taking it apart….just because. Thanks Mindee.

  5. A great blog…..and a great experience with both of you!