A Ray of Sunshine

This weekend was such a blast.

Saturday I was able to really indulge myself and be as lazy as possible. I played my game World of Warcraft for several (four or more) hours through out the day. I also read a book to back up the brain cells I managed to kill by playing exorbitant amounts of video game.

Then because I felt so bad for being lazy I went around opening blinds and windows to air out the house since it was such an amazing day outside. Sunny and in the 60’s really made me smile. I did laundry and re-made our guest bed and cleaned the guest bath as well, which made me feel really accomplished.

During all this the cats were just everywhere trying to “help.”

Or trip me.

One can never be too sure.

But by the time I was in the bathroom cleaning they had had enough of the day. So they decided to move right back into “Lazy Saturday.”

Harley and Beezle

Sunday was even nicer because Alex took me to breakfast for French crepes. (YUM!) Then on our way back home we made a little detour by a local park which was simply over-flowing with humanity. (However, given the temps I couldn’t blame anyone for wanting to be outside.) We decided to go on a walking path and wander through the local horse stables since they had a show going on.

I completely forgot to grab a camera and I deliberately left my phone in the car so no pics, but you’ll have to take my word that there were some amazingly beautiful horses there.

Then towards the last ¼ of our two-mile walk we wandered past the doggy park area. We stopped to laugh at the antics of the dogs and to observe what appeared to be a very serious meeting between 10 or 15 basset hounds.

But they have such poker faces one can never tell, they could have been telling dirty jokes for all you know.

After that we headed home and just relaxed since Alex appears to be getting a cold. I worked on the blog, a lot, but I’m super excited to debut the new header and background this evening. They’re probably my favorite so far!

So definitely a great weekend of re-connecting. Makes me long for spring though. How about you, how was your weekend?



6 responses to “A Ray of Sunshine

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Can’t wait to see the new header – they’re always so creative! Sounds like you had a great weekend; there’s nothing like nice weather to lift the spirits. Everyone just seems to be in a happier place! My weekend was lovely. I had friends around for dinner on Friday night which allowed me to indulge my love of cooking. Good food (even if I do say so myself), nice wine, great friends – what more could you want?!

  2. Well, Saturday morning was spent watching I Love Lucy reruns with your dad since he felt so bad. I didn’t envy him his flight and MARTA trip home. He didn’t even feel good enough to walk on the beach this time.
    I have taken walks the last 2 days—first time in weeks.
    Wanted to go to the pool but will wait another day or two until it gets up to 80 outside. Made myself do paperwork, alterations, and phone calls today. Not fun, but sure felt good accomplishing these things.

  3. 60s?? Seriously? We’re on the negative side of the thermometer right now so your weekend walk in the park sounds HEAVENLY.