It’s Raining Buckets…in my garage

Have you seen the weather lately? Is it going haywire or is that just me?

Granted, I’m extremely grateful that I am not sitting in the blizzard stricken Midwest. (Although if you are, please be careful and stay warm!) No, Alex and I are sitting in the south. Grateful for our luck with temps in the 40’s to 50’s and even some sunny days. We are just having a few rare days that sock us back.

So while the rest of the nation, at least that’s how I felt, got sacked with feet (FEET!) of snow, Georgia was pounded with rain. Rain, rain and more rain.

And our roof did not like that one bit. Oh no it did not, so I guess it decided it might be fun to stage a revolt. And leak.

A lot.

It’s like that children’s rhyme, “It’s Raining, It’s pouring. The old man is snoring. Bumped his head and couldn’t get up in the morning. Rain, Rain go away, come again some other day.” We even had a bump on the head when Alex went crawling around our attic trying to find the source of our leak.

Don’t tell Alex I just called him an old man. He’s not really old. Just older than me….and turning 29 this year.


Luckily my Dad is coming over tonight and we are going to patch it. Or seal it. Or replace it. Not sure exactly which, I just know it’s getting fixed and that I’m using WE very loosely.

Alex and my Daddy think it’s funny that I wear my pearls when I help, but a lady always looks her best. But if they don’t want my help then I will just stay inside playing WoW and cooking dinner.

I will say this, being a home-owner has its perks, but sometimes it can really rain on your parade! Hahah. Hehehe. ::tap:: ::tap:: Is this thing on? Ok so my humor stinks, but I try!


9 responses to “It’s Raining Buckets…in my garage

  1. I guess you should be thankful you didn’t have 2 feet of snow that would cause your roof to collapse. Still, leaks are no fun and always end up costing you money. Sure glad it was your garage and not your house.
    I just took a 2 mile walk and am burning up (81 degrees)

  2. Hi there… visiting from SITS! I have to say that I love the snow, living in Canada that is important 😉 I hope you get your leak repaired soon and I will make a snowman in your honor this weekend 😛

    Make it a great day!

  3. Ramblings of a Singleton

    I sympathise with your ceiling situation. Living in a second-floor apartment I shouldn’t have such problems but unfortunately the guy who lives above me left his kitchen tap running shortly after I moved in …

  4. The week of Christmas, our bathtub decided to leak through the living room ceiling. In addition to having the ceiling and the wall to my office ripped out, it damaged the bathroom floor and subflooring, living floor, and my nice kitchen floor that I loved. The insurance company gave us $2700 to fix the floors. Last weekend, we spend all day Saturday looking at flooring. Not fun! We finally decided on a new laminate flooring and they are coming to measure this weekend. The rest of it, well that’s another day. So, welcome to my little club 🙂

  5. Recently a friend spending a few days in our home decided to take a bath. The next thing we knew, it was raining buckets in our kitchen, pouring down from the tub above. That, and a foot an a half of snow outside, led to some very grouchy insiders! Good to know yours is fixed. Ours is too. Now we can all go back to enjoying life, right?