A Display of Agape

Agape. (pronounced: Ah-gah-pay) Its such a simple word, and yet the power and weight behind it is truly awesome. Agape…unconditional love. Something I have been lucky enough to get reminded of last night. Have you ever experienced Agape?

No I mean, truly unconditional love, the kind where you know that when you walk in the door you will be greeted hugs and kisses no matter how their day went. You will be fawned over no matter how grumpy you get or whether or not you are ticked at each other. In fact you probably couldn’t get rid of the other one if you WANTED too, they love you that much.

I do and that unconditional love reared its lovely head for me last night.

I was grumpy and not feeling so good (Turns out Chili that is several days old will not be magically good when you heat it for an extra few minutes in the microwave. Tasted great though.) so I decided a nice hot bath was in order. A good long soaker. Alone. In peace and quiet.

Then not quite five minutes into my little slice of heaven behind a shower curtain, in the dark, I heard the noise.

::tap:: ::tap:: ::tap::

I ignored it because, JEEZ couldn’t they tell I was trying to be alone.

Then it came again, ::tap:: ::tap:: ::tap::.

So then I yelled, go away! Stop that! Leave me alone!

Then I heard a plaintive sigh and this time a rather insistent ::knock:: ::knock:: ::knock!:: on the door.

So I huffed and sat up into the cool air and opened the dang door to see what was so important that I couldn’t take a 30 minute bath in private. Only, nothing was wrong. Oh no…no fires. No deadly injuries need my life-saving techniques.

Which is good because we’d have been in deep trouble if that last one was the case.

No, all that tapping and that knocking and that sighing was just because someone knew I secretly needed a little company and they decided they were just right for the job. So in he traipsed into my sanctuary and promptly plopped his tush down on the bathroom rug. Then he gave me that look, the one that says “I call B.S.”

Clearly he knows me better than most.

He looked at me with those big blue-green eyes and let out a little trill-purr-meow noise. Then he fell asleep on the bath-mat so that I could relax to his quiet purr knowing that no matter what, he loves me.

Bless this cat.

All photos are my own


17 responses to “A Display of Agape

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    I love this post. Animals really do make for the world’s greatest friends!

  2. Ah, the true love of an animal…nothing beats it!

  3. Love this blog!

  4. I love cats. There’s nothing like the furry purring of a kitty to make any situation better.

  5. LOVE – so freaking adorable!

  6. My cats LOVE to keep me company whenever I’m in the bathtub! They especially like to hop up on the side & help themselves to a drink – if the water hasn’t been soapified yet 😛 Too cute.

  7. I love this! My AmberLynn HATES other animals, but she’s so adorable!! I discovered, while gathering the dirty laundary, she peed on the clothes! First thought was she was upset about our new addition, Oliver. Oh boy did I get on to her! Well…an hour or so later I see her staring at me & purring on the bed. Then it donned on me. While I was trying to sleep she kept nudging me & meowing. I kept pushing her away & even yelled at her (for the record..she never bugs me like that). I, in that moment, realized the door was shut & she was trying to tell me she had to pee. lol The night before she scratched my niece so I got on to her & put her in the bathroom for a few minutes. Even though I’ve been yelling at her a lot the past week, she still adores me & is always there when I’m upset. She has a “thing”. She’ll put her nose on me like, “It’s ok..I’m here”. So cute!

  8. Oh, Agape. It’s by far one of my favorite LOVES!