When Its Not a Shoppers Paradise

Shopping can be fun, in fact shopping SHOULD be fun. However, when shopping you must be careful. Cautious even. You see, shopping can also be very dangerous.

Do you think I am joking? Oh no, in fact I bet I could name five instances in which you should avoid shopping. (Granted, of course I can or else I wouldn’t be writing this blog post.)

1. If you are a shopaholic, you should probably not shop with an enabler. Let’s think about this…you are a person who LOVES shopping. The enabler is going to tell you buy! Buy! BUY! And in then end your wallet is going to cry, cry, cry.

2. You should not shop for food when you are hungry. Anyone who has to run to the grocery store right before a meal time for that last-minute item can attest to this one. You walk in needing milk. You walk out with milk, some snack food, that really delicious treat near the register, and a little snack to “tide you over” for the ride home. Ooopsie!

3. Shopping for any item at the last-minute is a bad idea. Case in point, the ice storms in Georgia last month. Alex did not want to buy ice melt because “He could drive in ice no problem!” but then the ice came raining down. Then it covered our driveway. Our street. Our walkway. Every dang thing it could. And Alex decided we needed ice melt.

Guess what…So did everybody else. So no ice melt was purchased because there was none to be found.

4. You should not shop for the “IT” item on someone’s Christmas list the day before Christmas. Trust me on this one…Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve isn’t pretty.

5. The most general of these though, you should not shop while highly emotional. Of any state of emotion. When you shop while sad, you buy stuff to feel better. When you shop because you are angry, you tend to buy items that can fuel that fire. And when you shop when you are just in general bored you tend to make impulse purchases.

Reba "Dixie" boot, image courtesy of Google and Shop Style

See? Total impulse purchase. Now I  have to return the silly things. I wanted boots, I even wanted black boots. I brought these home and remember that I did not want THESE black boots.


Have you ever impulse shopped? What did you buy and did you end up returning it like I’ll be doing this evening?


10 responses to “When Its Not a Shoppers Paradise

  1. Thankfully, I have avoided the big impulse shopping nightmare, what I did have a problem with though, for quite a while was shopping while hungry! This is the WORST! I figured out pretty quickly I shouldn’t go grocery shopping while hungry, but for some reason this did not extend to CostCo shopping right away.
    This is TEN TIMES WORSE. Especially considering, since it is one of those crazy warehouse stores, everything is TEN TIMES LARGER. I was coming home with gallon size pretzel bins for my husband and I (he doesn’t like pretzels!), or the obnoxiously large jar of pickles (my husband also does not like pickles!), then FORGET about it when we would get to thte snack/candy aisle!! We would have the most “fun-filled” lunch bags at work for months on end, but then there would STILL BE MORE AT HOME!

    Moral of the story: Don’t go shopping hungry ANYWHERE that MAY POSSIBLY carry food products!! 🙂

    Thanks for the great post, and the trip down this dangerously delicious (and also disgusting) memory lane of mine!!

  2. Great list post! And it makes so much sense – especially the last-minute shopping point and the last point, which I have fallen victim to more times than I can count. NOT a good idea!!

  3. hi stephanie,
    great list… never never go shopping when hungry… i will buy the whole store! thanks for taking the 31 day challenge with me! 🙂
    shelley “the hostess”

  4. I love to shop! But try not to buy anything big until I go home and think about it. If it’s there the next time I go, fine, but if not, I wasn’t meant to have it. Right now it’s the 25″ suitcase search for my Israel trip. I want something sturdy but lightweight. Have decided that is impossible to find.
    Oh well, I’ll keep looking—–TJ Maxx is next on my list…..

    • Yea, when it comes to big $$ purchases Alex is the first to say I take FOREVER to decide to actually buy something. Our couches took me four months to decide on, and we bought the first set I said I “loved” from our 3rd day looking.

  5. Just came across your blog via SITS and I’m SO glad I did! I just love it!

    I’m not a big impulse or emotional shopper, BUT! I definitely fall in that category of people who should never ever go shopping while hungry! I always end up coming home with twice what I went for originally, haha!