Everything BUT The Kitchen Sink

Have you ever wanted to escape reality and just drift away?

Good, glad I’m not alone here.

As much as I wish I was on a white, sandy beach drinking a margarita (on the rocks, salt on the rim please and thank you) or perhaps some other fruity concoction (make it pink with an umbrella) I am, sadly, not. No I am currently in not quite wintry, not quite warm Georgia where the days start with snow and end with 50 degree weather.

But I’m not complaining because I could be in the blizzard sacked Midwest.

So, as a mini way of “escape” I thought I’d share some items that I need on a daily basis.

Belles and Gents (that’s southern for Girls and Guys…case y’all didn’t know) I’m sure you are all familiar with the “Purse.”

This amazing device carries the life of most women I know, and probably half the contents of the kitchen as well. Me, I have a few basic essentials that MUST be with me at all times.

For starters I have my wallet. What’s the point of a purse without your i.d. and money!

Second is my phone…not as vital as some people might think, but vital nonetheless. (Of which you get no photo because handily enough, it’s also my camera. Hello iPhone addiction adoration.)

Third is my make-up bag. I know, I know, I know…odd thing to require but as y’all know I’ve got issues. Those issues are best handled with make-up.

Lastly, a book or my NookColor. I must have something to read at lunch because that is my “me” time during the day. Every day I read during lunch so that the rest of my day is handled with calm and a smile. (Reading, it keeps ya sane.)

That’s all I need to keep to going, but what about you? What is in your “Gotta have to keep on trucking” bag of tricks?


12 responses to “Everything BUT The Kitchen Sink

  1. Maegan Hebebrand

    For me, it’s my Elmo wallet, my two feminine bags o’goodies, my contact lens caboodle (which carries my glasses, glass cleaner, and contact lens case/solution,) my cellphone, and my hand sanitizer! Working in a medical office, I have a thing about germies. Ew. My cellphone is an Android, so it connects me to my GMail, so I can hear from my soldier who’s currently away in Iraq or when he’s home from Iraq and emails me from base in Canada, or I can play games, or check Facebook–Heaven Forbid I be away from FACEBOOK! HAHA! I carry a BIG purse.

  2. Reading is definitely my every-day escape!

  3. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Cute purse! You can tell so much about a woman by the contents of her bag. Now there’s a feature waiting to be done!

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  5. My minivan is just a larger version of my purse.

  6. Oh girl, I hear ya! I’m just so glad to not be stuck under a pile of snow. 🙂 I’m hoping for mid 50s this weekend! 🙂

    Super cute bag, by the way!

  7. How do you like your Nook Color? We got my mom one for Chrstmas…she loves it, but is still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles.

    Can you believe this crazy weather we’re having down South this year? We were soooo glad it was almost 70 and sunny today in Dallas! 🙂

    • I L-O-V-E my Nook. Love it! The only complaint I really have is some of the books I want to be available in e-book … are not. Well that and I can’t read it in a bubble bath, but I have four bookshelves of alternates for that.