All You Need Is Love

Love is in the air, la de da da….yes I am singing. Ok humming really because my voice is gone due to a stupid cold. But that my internet friends is a happy sound you hear (unless you are Alex and thus the one who has to listen to me actually attempt to hum with a rasp, hack-hack, and whammer of a cough in between lines).

Why so happy you ask? Well there are a few things to be joyous about.

YOU! It’s Valentine’s Day and I have so many Valentines out there that I am just blessed and over-whelmed with those blessings. Each and EVERY one of you rocks my world, and I hope you will be my Valentine. (I will even split the bag of candy-hearts amongst you. Just don’t be surprised if Harley visits each and every one of you meowing for a bite.)

This weekend was A-MAZE-ING! Alex and I did not fight. Which is huge, it’s helpful, it’s encouraging, and quite frankly downright delightful.  Plus we talked – good talking too. We laughed. I think he may have cried at my singing attempts, but we’ll label it “a joyful noise.” (focus on the NOISE part of that sentence there…) Oh and it was WARM!  Hello Spring please commeth sooner rather than later!

I had a change this weekend, a small change in some ways, huge in others. Basically I decided forget this moping around and icky yucky winter weather moodiness. (That or the prescription drugs the doctor gave me have caused more than hyperactivity) So I took myself off to the hair salon. Granted I did so under emotional upheaval, something you should avoid doing, but I walked in placed myself in their capable hands and went “I want a change.” And change I did.

I went from this…

To this…

I’m loving myself and my new hairdo! Now I get to go to the Dentist and get cavities taken care of and be even more loopy! At least my Valentine is by my side. Hope each and every single one of you is having a wonderful day!


12 responses to “All You Need Is Love

  1. LOVE the new hair! So excited you have a fight free weekend too! Aren’t those the best? :):) Happy Valentine’s Day sweet girl!

    Much love,

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day…glad to hear that you week is off to such a great start!

  3. Love the hair. It’s very cute.

  4. I love awesome weekends like that! And hooray for new ‘dos…I’m on a mission for a massage and pedicure! Wish me luck!

  5. Hi! Stopping by from SITS! How fun to get a haircut on V-day! Just in time for spring 🙂 Oh, and that Google ad under your post said, “…And I’m a Mormon. Wife, mother of 4. My name is Rochelle Tallmadge, and I’m Mormon.” For a second I was confused – I really thought it was part of the post! Hahaha!

  6. Great haircut – bet you enjoy the “lightness” of the cut – looks good. Visiting from SITS.