Wuv, True Wuv

Do you remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school? Everyone would create a box or envelope or just clean off t heir desk and you would pass out cards. Every person received a card, but maybe that cute boy who pulls your ponytail would get the extra special card with an extra piece of candy.

Then you head to middle school and high-school where the school may sell flowers and you would just hope that you’d get that special delivery. If you were one of the lucky ladies who had a guy you’d get a stuffed animal or chocolates or BOTH! (These gifts still work guys, gets us all sappy for young love days…)

Then you grow up and in my case meet THE GUY and get married. Gifts start to evolve here from the puppy love to yes, the useful, but they are still given with thought and love. Alex bought me flowers and a deeply meaningful card, I bought him a card that spilled out my heart and a slight IOU. (Turns out the horse-riding place we love, Gold City Corral, doesn’t DO trail rides in February. Stinkers!) A level of deeper continuing love and commitment comes into play here.

However through-out all these developing relationships I have had one man stick by me through it all. My Daddy. (Yes, I still call him Daddy. Cuz He is.) When I went off to college that first year in the mail came a package that nearly made me cry…a teddy bear I still have and some chocolates. “How sweet he is to think of me this first year away,!” I thought.  No way it would continue. But it has…year after year after year.

Then I met Alex and we married and I REALLY thought to myself, Pshhaaw no way. I’m all grown-up now! That year, a new animal with love in its paws arrived for me. It’s a tradition that is simple, that you would think I would get over, but see that’s just it. He’s my Daddy and I’m his girl and even Alex gets into this now. I was out of work yesterday (Who schedules Dental work on Valentine’s Day…me! Lack of brains you might say.) so the first thing I got this morning was a text going “So, what did you get?”

No teddy bear for me this year, no this year my Dad was a bit pre-occupied and that’s ok because I am his big-girl. He was preoccupied because he was planning to surprise my mom with a vow-renewal for their 30th anniversary. A gift I say is worth 100 times more because it highlights to his pumpkin that love is enduring. Love is true. And love lasts. That my interweb friends, is the best gift a dad could show his daughter.

He also sent me an email saying next year I’d best be expecting a gift because he has no plans to stop now. Which I can’t wait, and neither can my furry pals!

I hope your Valentine’s Day was full of love and joy and wings of hope and all sorts of candy. It’s a day for indulgence of all kinds after all!


7 responses to “Wuv, True Wuv

  1. That is too sweet – you are one seriously lucky girl! My mom brought a card and some chocolate for our little girl, but come on …. she can’t really handle all that chocolate at 13 months old! As the Mom, I felt it was my duty to step in and help her out 😉

  2. That is such a sweet post. I agree with Angie. You are very lucky girl.
    I always wished I could connect with my dad better, but he’s a hard person to connect with.
    Visiting from 31dbbb challenge.

  3. He’s a good dad to teach you that you should expect to be loved by someone who shows it. 🙂

  4. How wonderful! I just love this story. Such devotion and love.

  5. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Oh wow, your Dad is so sweet an thoughtful! I love that he can express his feelings like that.