Here, Everyone is Family

Alex and I go out about once a week for dinner. We have been up-town, down-town, lo-town but we can’t help ourselves with certain restaurants. Olive Garden is one of them. We love the OG.  Now we have a great reason to go again AND NOT PAY!

Why you ask, well let me just brag on my super-hero hubby a bit.

The other day, ok like a week or so ago, we’re in the South people, (the other day refers to yesterday, two days ago, or a year ago depending), Alex was driving home.  As is the case for both of us, 90% of our routes are on quiet country roads. With Cows. Lots of Cows, some horses, and sheep too. Oh and goats as you get closer to our house.

Anyway, where was I?

Right, so Alex was driving home and as he turned onto the busiest road of his drive he noticed a car on the side of the road. Being a former mechanic and a nice guy, he stops to see if it’s something he can help with. It’s not, but then he really steps it up.

He stays with this nice couple, placing his Jeep behind their car with his hazards on, just in case. Its getting to rush hour now and cars whiz by here at around 55 – 60 mph. Calls for a tow truck and says he’ll hang till the truck arrives. Shouldn’t be more than a few minutes because they are dispatching a truck right that minute. (Foreshadowing anyone?)

Fast forward 25 minutes and here I am cruising along home, rocking to Miranda Lambert. I turn the corner, notice the cars and pass carefully. As per usual, I see a green jeep with a brown top I notice the front bumper. Only OH MY GOSH that’s my husband. The emergency lights are on!


“Alex, is everything ok?  Do you need me to come back, is anyone hurt?”

“Babe I’m fine, the car in front of me just can’t get gas. I think its mumbojumbo car this and car that but I actual am not listening because all of this is sailing over my head something CAR PARTS … So I called the dealership for them and its no big deal. I’ve called a tow and just advised the woman that I’d stay with her since its getting dark and all. The tow truck should be here soon. See you in a few!”

So I continue on my way.  Around 45 minutes later Alex finally gets home because in tow-truck land it takes more than an hour to get to your car when you’re only a few miles away and dispatching a truck RIGHT NOW. He tells me the truck still hadn’t come, but that he was finally urged on his way and he gave his number and info just in case they needed help.

We forget about it. Then the mail arrived yesterday. The lovely couple, whom Alex stopped to help, sent him a card. A card saying they must have been watched over by God that day to send such a nice man to help them and they’d just like to reward kindness with kindness.

Isn’t it nice to pay it forward? We never expected this, but I just had to brag on my honey for a minute! Really makes me feel like things are starting to turn around….Mom, please don’t say I told you so.


11 responses to “Here, Everyone is Family

  1. Wow, I’m SO impressed! I know Alex was probably tired from working and yet he spent all that time helping someone. Sending a gift card for OG was such a nice thing for those people to do. I hope I remember to do something like that if I ever get help from someone.

  2. So, I can only say … I told you so. 😉

  3. Wow, that was really nice of your husband. Just goes to show you that good guys don’t always finish last.

    Stopping by from sitsgirls31dbbb.

  4. What a thoughtful thing that your husband did and how kind of the couple to send a thank you!! How nice to know that this sort of thing still exists out there somewhere!

  5. My mom always says I told you so! My husband and I have been there too and we’ve had some little signs pop up to show us that things always turn around in the end. And yay for your hubby – not everyone would do what stop to help complete strangers!

  6. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Between this post and the last one, it’s obvious you have two really wonderful, very thoughtful men in your life.