A Scheming Cowboy

Alex and I had a pretty fruitful weekend, or at least I like to think so. (I may be delusional. I blame the day time cold meds. ) Saturday I chilled with my mom at the coffee shop before heading home. Alex and I then had a dinner date at Sonic!

Terribly romantic there, what with the roller skates and chili cheese foot-long Coney Dogs.

We also visited with some friends, so I consider Saturday a rousing success. Sunday, we began our new and improved routine of 1. Not fighting and 2. Heading off to church. Then Alex made an executive decision.

We had to go to Wal-Mart. To buy a toy. A toy you ask? For who? Well for the cutest stinker on the planet. It’s his first birthday this weekend.

(Yes I totally got his Momma’s permission to use this photo, which I love because OH.MY.GOSH it melts my heart every time)

So off to Wally World we went, where we perused the aisles. I offered suggestion after suggestion that were turned down because Alex wanted to get him THE PERFECT gift. I kindly didn’t point out that the wrapping materials might be just as interesting as the actual gift. So we continued to search high and low. Until I heard a shout.

Stephanie, get over here!

What honey?

I found the gift! Watch if you push this, then it says “______” (I can’t share because it’s a surprise). Oh and then you can do this and look at this and this!

Alex, that looks great but let’s finish looking up the last aisle and then make a decision ok?

Then I wandered off, THINKING Alex was behind me.  Only he wasn’t. He was with THE GIFT. For a good solid 10 minutes he played with this gift.

However, the gift is not one would typically expect from Alex. Alex is a Jeep man. We all know this, appreciate this, and in the end expect this of him. But Alex, he went a different kettle this go around. The birthday party is this weekend and I for one can’t wait to see both boy and his Momma’s face when they see what exactly Alex has picked out. (I’d show you, but she’d see it and well…it’s a surprise!)

Now the only conundrum we have left is how to wrap it. Not having any children ourselves, and lacking a recall of my own first birthday we’re at a bit of a loss on what move to make. So my dear internet friends who have children or know young children, do you wrap a first birthday gift? And if so how? I’ll take a photo of the finished project and post it up on the Facebook page (Which you should “Like” if you haven’t already!) along with a picture of the actual gift so you can see what has so stridently captured Alex’s attention later this weekend. In the meantime – help!


14 responses to “A Scheming Cowboy

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    That photo is too cute! Absolutely wrap a first birthday gift! Child-less I may be, but I do have a God-daughter so feel a little qualified to comment. (Sorry Alex if you’re reading this), but the packaging really is the best part for them — add some wrapping paper into the mix and you’ve created the perfect gift! If it’s awkwardly shaped, sheets of paper strategically taped together might be your best option, barring that go for a gift bag with lots of tissue paper stuffed on top.

  2. Dollar Tree usually has great big gift bags and so does Party World.
    Can’t wait to find out what Alex chose for that adorable child.

  3. What a precious picture!!

  4. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Mine was spent with a puking 2 year old. Took the day off of work to recoup with her today though 🙂 Cute picture!

    Stopping by from 31DBBB

  5. I love any excuse to go to Sonic!

  6. You do wrap, just for the fun of it. The birthday boy won’t care one way or the other, but the other guests do.

    Sounds like you need to get another one of those toys just for Alex. 🙂

  7. Definetly wrap it and see if you can use tissue paper too. Kids love tossing that paper around. Now if there is a box involved, prepare your husband that the box may become more favored then the actual toy. My friends and I have joked that we probably should just go buy empty boxes in all sizes for little ones as they like those more than the toys usually.

  8. We all know kids (and lots of other people) tear into the wrapping like it is nothing. I wrap a LOT of presents in the Sunday’s comics! Great for kids cause it is colorful, great for big kids, cause they can save the wrapping to read later, AND, it’s great for the environment AND it is recycling! Can’t wait to see the follow up post!