Alex and The Car

Cars, Cars and more Cars! As you may or may not have seen, Sunday evening I posted a snapshot of the little Man opening his birthday gift. Super cute gift that seemed to go over pretty well, and is one he can grow into.

What I didn’t get a photo of, because I was busy laughing, was Alex playing with the gift once it was removed from the package for about ten minutes. HILARIOUS! I fear for our future children’s toys. I can picture it now “Boys, you have to SHARE the toys. Alex put the car down, its your son’s turn!”

What I did get a great photo of later that night however, was another gift given to the birthday boy. You see Momma and Daddy of birthday boy looked just plain ol’exhausted. So Alex, being Mr. Fix It himself, offered to help assemble the Cozy Coupe


Momma, Daddy, birthday boy, and myself watched as Alex was able to get the last little bit put together thus FINALLY enabling the gift to be enjoyed. (Did you know these things take a hammer, screwdriver, and some serious muscle to assemble? No wonder they last for years!) I couldn’t help but tease Alex about how he spent all this time building a car for a child that wasn’t even ours, but he started laughing at me when he said next time it was my turn to build it.

I disagree! Still since we have no children of our own, for now we’ll enjoy this cutie pa-tootie and his rockin’ new car!


4 responses to “Alex and The Car

  1. Aw, that’s adorable! So sweet that he’d take the time to put that car together. And you’re right, little guy is a cutie patootie.

    Makes me think of the time my dad, uncle and cousin’s husband congregated in the kitchen to assemble a kiddy bike…an hour later and the handlebars were on backwards…

  2. What a great gift for a little boy!