DeClawing Our Cat

Are you a Mommy? Are you a fur-baby Mommy? Then you, my internet friends, understand guilt.

Oh yea I totally just attributed Mommy-guilt to MY CATS! But since we have no other children at this time they are who I am able to shower my love, my attention, my obsessive-smothering over and about. Luckily for y’all it only spills over onto this here blog about once every few weeks.

Think of the cats. They get this Every.Single.Day. Then I feed them dinner and they decide it was all worth it in the end.

This latest adventure into guilt has developed as a direct result of one furry, black, curtain-lovin’ cat named Harley. He loves our curtains so much that he has climbed them three times in the last month. This has resulted in two sets of curtains being ripped out of our walls. Not to mention what our furniture looks like…just from simple cat actions of kneading, etc. So I hemmed and I hawed and I finally made a decision.

We declawed our cat. (Cue the pitchforks and burning tar)

We did not make this decision lightly, which is kinda why he was two years old the day we took him in for surgery. No, I waited and I waited because I DID clip his claws, I DID try alternate methods, and I DID train him to not go after our other cat. However, when it boiled down to it we do have another cat that has no claws. We would rather have done this now rather than after a baby comes home and really traumatize the poor guy. Plus the two cats are 100% indoor only and they are it. We have no dog, no bird, no parrot, and no wise-cracking hamsters to harass them. So if they want to bat at each other till they turn blue in the face I don’t feel as though we’ve really put them in harm’s way. Because of all of the above precautions.

However this was one TRAUMATIC experience for Alex and I. Harley is fine, home wearing his little satellite dish receiver for a few more days, but home. He’s been purring and playing with Beezle. He’s also climbed the cat tower, knocked over half of our clean laundry, and licked half of Alex’s hair off (oh wait that was already gone….tehehe) so by all accounts the boy is fine. I have vowed to never do this again.

All this guilt though, its making me worry about how I’m going to handle those first shots with our child. Parents – I bow to you. I can barely handle my fur-baby going off in a cat carrier and being stuck at a vet overnight due to surgery. A needle and my child’s arm….tiger-momma will be breaking out!

Do YOU ever get that way about your animals? Or perhaps I’m just a crazy cat lady. (Its O.K., we both know you were thinkin’ it!)

I am happy to report that it is now day 3 post-surgery and everything continues to heal nicely. He’s not “aggressive” as some people have found cats to become post-surgery but quite the opposite. In fact my legs could use a cuddle break, would you mind holding him for a few? The collar is on him for HIS safety and well-being until the vet says otherwise. I fully trust their judgement in how to proceed at this point and am looking forward to this weekend when we can let him look a little less “cone-head.”


5 responses to “DeClawing Our Cat

  1. I can not understand why you did this to Harley-baby! >sarcasm dripping here<
    (In the voice of a Glam-momma) "Harley-baby, come here my sweet boy and I'll hold you. Mean mommie & daddy!"

  2. Ok, I am admittedly NOT a cat person, but I can still relate. We’ve had just about every pet on the planet except cats (currently a dog, rats & birds) and they are masters of guilt (especially the dog).

    But I probably would have done the same thing if we had a cat.

  3. I think you made a good decision, if nothing else for the safety of your other cat. If it was an inside/outside cat, I’d be worried, but since not, I think you’re in the clear.

    I’m worried about being really paranoid and overprotective when we have kids. Right now, I wake my dogs up every now and then to make sure they’re still breathing. How can dogs sleep that still?!?

    I was stopping by to let you know that I’m passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to you. You’ve probably already gotten it in the past with your great monthly themes. If you’re interested, you can check it out on my blog here.