It’s Friday and We’re In Love

Well its been one week of Alex and I on our magical journey of marriage reconnection. (A touch sarcastic there no?) All in all things are going quite well, they aren’t fairy-tale romantic around here but really who wants to be a princess in a castle waiting for a prince to take care of things? Or for that matter always having to be a prince taking care of a damsel in distress? Not us!

Last weekend we were BUSY! We celebrated a first birthday, we did lots of chores, and we tried to reconnect by walking around a park in the amazing weather. Only I completely bombed on my assignment of choosing a park. You see I choose a close park that I had only ever driven past. BIG MISTAKE. Turns out this is a sports park. Where there are about 15 baseball diamonds. And some batting cages. A couple of practice pitching mounds. And some bathrooms. 

Romantic isn’t it?

Between the dusty fields and my fever, we didn’t get quite the weekend we had hope for. However, we weren’t done yet! This week at the church we’ve been attending their was a marriage workshop. The workshop itself was interesting, but what was more interesting to me was prior to the workshop we flirted.

We REALLY flirted.

After the workshop we had a mini-date and got ice cream cones. (OK Alex got a cone and I got a bowl. I can never manage to eat the cone fast enough!) Then we headed home. Where we proceeded to have a loud discussion pertaining to parts of the course that we had just finished attending. Which led to us going to bed mad.

Handy course!

All in all I’d chalk this week up to an eight in terms of success. Overall we had lots of positives, and the negatives were mostly due to one of us being sick (ME) and the other of us being sick of me being sick (Alex). Alex feels like the week went alright, but again we still have some reconnecting to do.

I know for sure – I  just asked. And since he’s sitting beside me in the bed as I type I’m in the clear on this one!

So there you have it. Its Friday. We are in love.

Fun quote / advice from the marriage course: Please and Thank You work as well with your partner as with anyone else. So USE them.


3 responses to “It’s Friday and We’re In Love

  1. Well I hope you keep going to the course. Healing can be painful at times, but the end result it worth it.

  2. I’m going to share this with you because I love you two (too!)
    Marriage is like the Fiery Pit of Hell?