Decorating a Black Hole

Do you have a sense of personal style? I sort of do, but I’m having a really hard translating (or maybe even defining) what that sense IT is and then putting IT out there in various areas. One area that I’ve tried to share this is the blog design, but I’m thinking of ways to change that up. To get a little closer to who exactly Alex and I are. You’ll probably start to see reflections of this over the next couple of weeks.

Another area where you gotta have a sense of style, or at least you HOPE to, is decorating your house. Alex and I are very lucky that we share the same sense of style. Dark leathers, dark woods, and warm rich tones pervade our house. Colors such as “country green,” warm cream, and rich brown spill from our kitchen to our living room to our bedroom. I make a few colors pop (hello Orange walls…THEY LOOK GOOD DARNIT) but for the most part I style ourselves as country shabby-chic. With a small twist of “Americana” as well. And this style has led us well in planning every aspect of our house.

Except for one room.

The office.

AKA “The Dump”

See? It’s a DUMP room. A black hole if you will. Whenever we need stuff put elsewhere or hidden away it goes into our “office.” (Oddly enough, the computer can never be found in this room.) I’ll admit I’ve been loath to really do much with the room because this is the future space for any child we have. It’s a future nursery for the non-existent baby we keep imagining. Basically I’m lazy and see no point in painting it now and then VOILA we get pregnant and have to re-decorate.

However, I’m tired of waiting. Plus, really the room looks crummy. So here’s the thing…I don’t know how to set-up the room. And I need YOU to help.

A few key points….The bookshelves need to stay in the room, but I don’t care where they are positioned. The closet is pretty dang organized thanks to our snowpocalypse earlier this year so I’m not going to really be able to shove anything in there. Oh and I want to work with what we already have. Money doesn’t grow on trees you know!

So having said all that – Do YOU have any suggestions for how to set this room up? Any tips or tricks that you’ve learned that perhaps I can incorporate?


7 responses to “Decorating a Black Hole

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    The third ‘bedroom’ in my apartment was something of a junk room, which I re-labeled ‘office’ after I put a computer in there. I like your description of ‘black hole’, much more appropriate! It eventually got the better of me and re-designed. I oped for built-in units with doors behind which I could hide the clutter, but if you don’t want to spend too much, it might be worth buying some more of those storage drawers on wheel things (technical term?) that I spotted in the bottom corner of your photo. My bookshelves and units take up one wall, my desk is by the window so I have plenty of light (and somewhere to stare out when I’m day dreaming!) and I have a sofa-bed on another wall, which gives me somewhere comfy to read and an extra option for guests. Not sure how much that helps – the main thing is to hide the clutter!! Out of sight …

  2. Grandma Judy

    Whatever you buy for storage…..just remember that a baby will eventually be in there so the storage units should go with your baby “stuff.”
    If you get tall storage units, you can store more without using up more floor space. Buy sturdy ones so they won’t fall over if a “little one” pulls on them. What about used dressers and chests all painted the same color……

  3. Oh man, no real tips here. We totally have a room similar to this. It’s the office/gym/craft room, haha! It’s definitely a catch all. We painted it a super bright teal color and there are lots of shelves to keep everything organized. If we stay in this house after we start a family, it will likely be the nursery since it’s right next to our room.

  4. I like to call my decorating style “eclectic” some would call it messy. 🙂

    I don’t have any great tips. I am still trying to work out my own decorating dilemma. Basically my whole house! 😉

    I would say go with colors that will work for either a boy or girl and then you can use accessories to customize it when the time comes. This may also allow the room to grow with them or make it easy to change if you continue to grow your family. 🙂 I think dressers are a great solution. They can provide office storage and then later baby stuff storage. You can also add a changing pad to the top for a changing table.