Taking a Little Me Time

Holy Cow it’s already Wednesday y’all!! What is going on with time around here? I was supposed to have a super snappy shot of spring to put on the blog for today that is gorgeous, and that I kinda took in my car while in the drive thru the other day. HOWEVER, I do not.


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I do not because it’s still on my camera memory card, because I’ve been distracted and well just plain ol’ busy here lately. So you’ll have to wait until Saturday for the photo. Which is fitting because today is RAIN RAIN RAIN! This whole “in like a lion and out like a lamb” business has gotten old. March needs to go away and bring spring flowers thank you very much.


On that note, the rain is making me want to “RUN AWAY” in the words of Monty Python. So I want to run a fun little experiment, and find out where YOU would go for YOU time.

You see, here lately I’ve been dying to get away. Now part of this is my tendency to avoid all things yucky and confrontational, so I want to go hide until things are magically better. This is sadly, unrealistic. So I can’t do that, but I do also like to take some time to just be me. To read my book in front of a fire until the cows come home. To rock on a swing, go for a walk, stand with my toes in the surf, watch the sun rise over the ocean, and sit in a hot tub amongst the trees and fresh mountain air. In other words…I want to be completely ALONE. I don’t want this for but 2 days, because after that I’d be hoping Alex would miss me and wish I would come home. So home I would head. (I’m like a barnacle or a loyal dog in a way. Stuck to my home and loving it!)

But right now I really just want to get gone. So right now I am weighing where to get gone and so far the mountains are winning. Primarily because they are close. And have trees. Which hides people. This gives the illusion of being all alone, even if my neighbor is a mere 50 feet up the gravel road.


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So now you know where I would go (a wooded cabin, located on a beach that is isolated yet close enough to get home after only two days…easy peasy people), tell me. If YOU could have 2 days all to yourself, what would YOU do?


10 responses to “Taking a Little Me Time

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Your getaway sounds perfect, really relaxing. I have designated ‘me time’ every year to stop myself from going crazy. I had to California for a surfing holiday, during which I switch off my phone and log out of email. Basically, I’m off the radar for the duration. But since in this case I’d only have two days, I’d probably head to the west coast of Ireland where there’s a few good surfing spots, beautiful scenery, good food and plenty of quiet time to curl up with a book!

  2. The mountains sounds wonderful. If I only had two days and wanted to make the most of it (ie not much travel time) I’d probably do the same …Upstate NY maybe…a nice cozy cabin…lots of tea and plenty of books in from of the Fireplace to ward off the March rains!

  3. I have time to myself quite frequently in my stage of life. I love it! Today I spent it in the studio painting. A day at the beach I would never turn down. I have a girls trip coming up in May…it’s ifify so keep your fingers crossed.
    I am also doing the Blog Challenge and learning a lot to put into practice.

  4. It is raining, raining, raining here in Pennsylvania today too. Just when I see a glimmer of hope that it will end, it starts back up again. I feel gray and droopy! Hope you can go on your trip soon! : )

  5. Grandma Judy

    Since I have a beach 30 minutes away, that’s not what I’d want to do.
    Give me the mountains and an easy safe trail to walk on.
    For only 2 days, I think I’d choose New York City. Exciting and SO many people to watch and places to explore. Trouble is, I’d want to stay a week….