Break Out Your Red High Heels

I am wearing my brand-new red sling backs today, and y’all I feel FABULOUS. I feel fabulous because well 1. New shoes (I mean come on, what gal wouldn’t love this) and 2. Because today I’m Rockin’ the Red Pump for an AMAZING cause.

I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but for the past month I have had this little button in my sidebar promoting The Red Pump Project. The RPP is all about raising awareness and promoting education to women and girls about HIV/AIDS.

Now I’m sure you might be sitting there reading this thinking to yourself “Oh Lord here she goes again…” and if you are being super kind and not thinking anything like that then at the very least you might be thinking “Well what does this have to do with me??” Well let me tell you … Did you know that roughly every 9.5 minutes someone in the US is infected with HIV per the CDC. Not only that, and here’s the one that fits the shoe so to speak, but every Thirty-Five Minutes another woman tests positive for HIV. 35 Minutes Ladies!!! And Since the CDC is based here in my lil’ ol’ state of Georgia I can’t help but want to share this information with my readers.

You see, HIV is a disease we CAN eradicate. We can eradicate it by becoming Educated, Involved, and most importantly Encouraging testing.

-Over 18 moment here-

Ladies – look, I get it. The guy tells you he LOVES you. Your partner says that it just FEELS better this way. If you are going to be physically intimate with someone I want you to LOVE YOURSELF first and demand protection. And I’m not just talking about birth control here. You may love that partner, you may trust that they are 100 % clean, but until you’ve both been tested please be careful. Every single one of us are someone’s DAUGHTER, you may be someone’s sister, wife, lover, friend and that means YOU ARE LOVED. So love yourself first. Get Tested. Stay Protected.

-Moment over-

So Ladies, I encourage you to strut in your Red Stilettos, break out those Red Ballet Flats, put on those Red Pumps, strike out in your Red Sling-backs, and feel free to wear your Red Flip Flops. No matter what be Fabulous, be Educated, and Rock the Red Pump!

And when someone comments on how lovely, wonderful, sexy, or just plain ol’ fun your shoes are be sure to tell them that you are Rockin’ The Red Pump and why.

~Happy Off-Roadin’ Y’all!


8 responses to “Break Out Your Red High Heels

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Great post. And your advice is 100% spot-on: although it can sometimes be embarrassing in the heat of the moment to raise the issue of protection, in the grander scheme of things, it’s imperative.

    (P.S. L-O-V-E those shoes!)

  2. Exactly what Ramblings said! We need to care enough about ourselves and others not to refrain from bringing up uncomfortable topics!

  3. Great post. I am rocking the red heels today and sharing my reasons why with everyone.
    We, as women, have to learn to not to be afraid to speak up when it comes to our well being. I just read a post where the woman’s daughter was HIV positive as a result of unprotected sex.
    Heartbreaking and yet preventable.

  4. Great post and thanks for bringing it to my attention. As a mother of a teenager this is on my mind a lot older he gets. I just hope I taught him right.

    I will be rockin’ my red runners today when I run my errands and I will spread the word even if they don’t comment on my funky shoes (not much chance there).

  5. But it’s so difficult to walk in them, especially on brick roads.