Why Alex Makes Me Laugh

Well its Friday which means it’s the weekly Friday, We’re In Love series. Only I have to admit that this Friday I don’t actually have a lot to talk about. No seriously, I offer up the texts between a husband and a wife as further proof that I don’t have a lot to say today.

Clearly Alex supports me, because he feels I can do one thousand percent better than my text. But that text, its summing up everything from this week pretty well. We talked, we went to Borders (sadly the store near us is closing, luckily dang near everything is 60 – 70 % off which means the $60 we spent on books could have been MUCH worse.) and we even had a lunch date. Lunch mostly because it was cheaper than dinner. I’m big on the cheaper.

Then during the actual week I think the one big discussion we had started off with Alex, and Alex alone, being invited to join his grandparents at their beach cabin in a few weeks. To be fair they didn’t invite me because the days are my work days and Alex’s “weekend” but I still had feelings hurt. Alex felt I was being ridiculous, so a discussion ensued. It was helpful for both of us, but not what one would call “fun.”

Long story short – I’m needy. Or more specifically, my needs are a great deal more verbalization of feelings, thought processes, etc whereas Alex is the ultimate stoic male. We have to compromise in this area, which is what most of our discussion was about, but for a guy that can talk the bark off a tree. Getting ANY sort of reaction is dang near impossible for me. Everyone else he is a Chatty Cathy with, I just get displays of affection.

So yea, that’s pretty much how things stand. Boring I know….but I can say with certainty that BOTH of us feel like we’re moving forward. They may be teeny tiny steps, but they are at least together and moving in a common direction.


6 responses to “Why Alex Makes Me Laugh

  1. i think we can all be needy?

  2. Any progress is good progress. Even in tiny amounts.

  3. Grandma Judy

    I read earlier that you wanted 2 days to yourself off somewhere. So now Alex has a chance to go off without you and it doesn’t set well with you.
    What exciting activity have you two planned for your Sunday together?