Spring’s Revenge

Have you been outside lately? It’s absolutely LOVELY weather down here in Georgia. I mean, the highs for tomorrow are 80. EIGHTY! I can only hope the weatherman is not lulling us into a false sense of complacency by bringing warm, sunny weather for weeks only to slam us with a blizzard in another week or two. When there is a beach in my future. (Mmmm white sand, crashing waves, seashells….oops sorry that little dream gets me every time.) That would be horribly depressing. Still, right now I can do nothing but enjoy the sunshine and spring flowers that are popping up everywhere.

Only I discovered last night, well Alex and I both, that this weather is leading to one teeny tiny problem. We, like a lot of folks I’m sure, rotate our clothes out by season. So when it’s hot and humid in the South our sweater lie in a collapsible storage bag in the deep, dark depths of our closet. Then in the winter, when we’re shivering in our boots, our shorts and other warm weather gear hibernates until it’s time to be used again. With the warm weather that keeps popping up we decided it was time to free our warm weather clothing and banish those horrid reminders of winter. (At least until October when we’re begging for a release from the humidity again.)

In doing all this, our room EXPLODED with clothing. We whittled down the items that either didn’t fit or that should have been tossed in the trash last year, but we were too lazy to sort shorts when we were pulling out sweaters. Then we took a good look at our closet and Alex pretty much exclaimed, “Our closet is pathetic.” And y’all, it is! Our closet is horrid. We have one closet in our master that, while good-sized, is the worst design organizationally speaking there is. One bar, one shelf, one closet. Yet it’s a room for TWO people. So we’ve come up with a plan.

Our closet shall migrate from the single bar, single shelf across the back look…

To something akin to this (theoretically speaking):

Cue the “ooooh’s” and the “ahhh’s.” It’s gonna be so purty!

However, out of all of this I’ve decided spring, while welcome, is a slight downer in some ways. I mean, when spring arrives I encounter a few problems.

  1. I have to shave on a more regular basis again. No more hiding underneath the jeans on those mornings when you just want to sleep in!
  2. I open up my closet, only to find that those cute shorts from last season don’t fit anymore. Because of the previous seasonal “celebrations” involving a turkey and a ham and a pie (or two or three, but who’s counting.)
  3. Upon discovering said cute shorts are no longer, quite so cute, I find I must now be a little less um “lazy” so that I don’t have to spend money to get new shorts
  4. I eat pie  (see reasons 2 and 3)
  5. Pollen. Pine Pollen to be exact. If you are from the South you know my pain. (But hey I get the illusion of a new car for a few weeks since my red one goes yellow from all the pollen.)

So Spring, while I truly love the sun on my arms, the warmth in my toes, the reasons for cute sandal shoes….perhaps you could just stick around all year round so that we don’t go through this seasonal pitfall? I’d surely appreciate it and so would my cutsie toes that are being shown off in my sandal shoes!


2 responses to “Spring’s Revenge

  1. For us here in Vegas it’s pine tree pollen, clothes that no longer fit (seriously, I managed to gain 15 pounds in the year hubby and I have been together — what gives?!), warm nights where it’s still 78 degrees (warmer once June hits) at midnight, and the loud neighbor kids screaming their lungs out just beneath our balcony.

    Our car, patio, and outside walkway happens to be covered in that pollen by the way. We went from an adorable silver Ford Escape to an off-yellow color. Grr. And oh! Don’t get me started on the allergies. Allergy medication and Kleenex will be my best friend for the next couple of weeks. Darnit.

  2. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Why is it that when you take stuff out, it never looks as good as when you packed it away?!