What a Wonderful Week

Have you ever had some great news, a “win” if you want to call it that and the need to shout it from the top of the world? Well I sure do because its Friday y’all and oh my gosh what a wonderful Friday it is! This week the “Friday, We’re In Love” series may get a tad mushy. I’d apologize, but frankly I’m elated to BE mushy so for one day only. Smile and enjoy it please!

Alex and I have had a GREAT week. I mean it. This week has just about blown all of the others out of the park in more ways that you can consider. Here’s a quick recap of our week since last Friday.

Saturday: I took a little me time and indulged my inner nerd by playing World of Warcraft for a little while before spending 4 hours working on the NEW BLOG WEBSITE.

Sunday: Alex and I hiked Kennesaw Mountain at Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park near our home.

Monday: We worked – not too exciting, but its gotta happen. I did help Alex with laundry, which is big for me.

Tuesday: Mini date night – we went out and had Hibachi, but instead of sitting at the Hibachi table this time we sat in a booth and talked. Turns out, neither one of us understand OR like basketball. No March Madness in this household!

Wednesday: We stayed in and resolved our “house-divided” issues over Pizza. I like the Dawgs, he prefers OSU. I like Hawaiian Pizza, he prefers pepperoni. In the end we made super yummy pizza!

Thursday: Alex had some guy time with a friend from work, while I relaxed in our bedroom. I was able to work on the blog more, until Alex called me into the living room to enjoy a marathon of NCIS. We are ADDICTED!

And there we are. One amazing week for the two of us. I have to admit and say I really think the spring-like weather is helping. Neither one of us are “idle” people, no really…I don’t understand the concept of just sitting for hours on end, I gotta MOVE and DO stuff to be happy, so winter makes it much harder to be active. At least for us…

On top of the weather, I think the other thing that is helping is we resolved a few issues by achieving some BIG marriage goals. We both said “I forgive you” and we meant it. Meaning it really helps y’all. We also have each been listening to one another and taking steps to meet each other halfway. Alex has been really awesome about calling me and letting me know if he’s not coming home right away, not because I am “checking” on him but because he knows I worry. I’ve been really conscientious of taking some ME time and stepping back so Alex has HIM time. There is a boat-load more that’s been going on, but sometimes it’s just not gonna be chatted about. All that really matters is we are doing super, duper, wonderfully-awesome!

What “win” did you have this week? Perhaps you got the laundry done, big win for me, or maybe your child managed to drive without crashing the family car. Big, small, it doesn’t matter share whatever you have “won” at this week and let’s continue this happy feeling!


10 responses to “What a Wonderful Week

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    awh, I’m thrilled that things are moving in such a positive direction for ye!

    I’ve had a pretty big win too, but can’t say too much for the moment – will keep you posted.

    P.S. if couples didn’t have disagreements – the half and half pizza topping option would never have been invented 😉

  2. Grandma Judy

    Mushy is good!
    My week went well, too. Lots of fun activities and I got some chores accomplished.

  3. Grandma Judy

    I want your side of the pizza. I don’t know anyone else who likes Hawaiian pizza except you and me………….

  4. Glad to hear you all are doing great! 🙂 And most definitely the “win” for me was getting all my laundry caught up and actually put away. I HATE putting laundry away. Washing it, no biggie…but putting it away, ugh! The other big “win” was finding out my sweetie didn’t have to go to Libya and will be “surprising” me with a visit from Canada near the end of April. 🙂 Two wins, one week! Yes!

  5. Aww, so glad you had such a great week!! It’s totally okay to be mushy sometimes, I’m like that all the time. 🙂