When Gifts Attack!

Ever given a gift and then lived to regret it? I remember the day my Dad received his first “Mr. Beer” kit as a gift. Momma had purchased him this gift for Christmas partly as a gag; partly to give him something to do that would keep him out of her hair during the cold winter months when he wasn’t out riding his motorcycle.

That evening my dad read the instructions (Gasp! Shock! I know a MAN read instructions….) Ok I should be more specific, he skimmed the instructions. Then the journey began.

Fast forward several years now and my husband is the happiest man on the planet. Why you ask? Well mostly because we live about ten minutes from my parents, which means Alex is only ten minutes from his local brewery and pup.

My poor Momma went from a gag gift of a cheap Mr. Beer kit to taps in the basement.

I think every guy out there loves this fact….heck a neighbor even came running over while we were all gathered Sunday to grab an ice-cold fresh pint.

Sunday was definitely an amusement, especially I think, for the ladies. We had my Dad, his friend, a friend of the friend, my “little” brother, and then Alex joined in the mix. All of these guys to do what … why brew two fresh kegs of beer. Granted it will take about two months for the IPA and the other beer to be ready. But they had several kegs on tap available in the meantime!

I’m not actually sure what the other beer is / was since my eyes glazed over and my brain started playing mental Bejeweled when the men started to “explain” things to me.

The best parts of the evening were the endless tap to FREE beer, the FREE six-pack my hubby brings home for him to drink every week, and the fact that we women didn’t have to cook a thing! Beer Brats for everyone!

Noticing a theme to the day yet?

So Ladies, be wary, for if you buy your husband a gag gift intended to amuse him for a brief period of time it may soon take over your bathroom, kitchen, dining room, driveway, and the wallet. Just ask my Mom!

So what gift have you had backfire on you and to whom was it given?

Random note: The new header you see is just a small sprinkling of an idea of what you’ll see with the new blog. I can’t wait to share it with y’all!


11 responses to “When Gifts Attack!

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Looks/sounds like so much fun! Great way to get family together too – who says no to free beer?!

    As for gag gift, can’t think of any of my own, but my sister and her husband did buy a drum kit for his nephew – mostly to wind up his brother. Backfired spectacularly when it was decided that the drums would stay at Uncle William’s for when said nephew comes to play, which is nearly every other week as they live close by!

  2. Noted. I will never EVER buy my husband a beer kit!

  3. A positive that your husband and father get along and have something in common. That is sometimes hard to find!

  4. Wow…talk about a backfiring gift!! Lesson taken!

  5. As the “Mom” in this tale … I have to admit that I’m pretty happy about purchasing that goofy “Mr. Beer kit. 🙂
    1. I get my hubby hanging out at home (NOT at a local pub!).
    2. I get regular visits from my kids & their friends.
    3. I get dinner made for me by someone else on various occasions (that are not the standardized holidays where the family (or hubs) feels like they “have to” make dinner) and I don’t have to do the clean-up.

    and last, but certainly not least …
    4. It keeps life interesting, fun, and always – ALWAYS – entertaining! 😉

  6. I would have to say that one gift that kinda backfired on me was giving A a body pillow. He uses it for back relief when he sleep, but it also becomes a barrier between us at night. He calls it his green fiance (it was upgraded from girlfriend when we got married) and even pretended to “put a ring on it” with a belt. He also occasionally “uses it against” me (playfully) saying that he would rather cuddle with the Green Fiance than me. Not to mention….the two other pillows he places on his other side…he calls his twin girlfriends (he nests when he sleeps).