Blogging my Way through 31 Days.

Well its official I’ve completed the 31 Days to a Better Blog challenge over on the SITS girls website. There is no medal, nor a fancy t-shirt, nor even a snack and a drink at the end of this race!

I feel jipped!

Nonetheless I feel accomplished and as thought I have absorbed information; information that I’ve then used to clean up the blog and start down a path of blogging achievement. Kinda like that sponge sitting on my kitchen counter, but with less germs and soap. I feel accomplished because…

I started AND FINISHED the darn tooting thing.

I have found some new blogging ideas and blogging friends!

I’ve actually used some of the new blogging ideas. Although the Friday in Love series may soon be coming to a weekly end. Week after week of gushy, mushy “We’re so dang in love” is sickening to me and it’s my marriage that is being typed about!

I’ve started to move this blog into a New and Fancy direction. Ok so it’s only kinda new and fancy and non-existent at that moment because I’ve been trolling the interwebs looking for design ideas. You see we’re going to get a Brand-New Website! (I feel like such a game show host right now….I just need a Vanna White!) Speaking of this, what do y’all like to see in a blog design? Any dislikes? You guys know us here at OMA. We’re pretty laid back folks. So we don’t plan on having anything too crazy, but really…ideas? Thoughts? Please speak-up!

Yup, so between all of those things I’m feeling pretty darn accomplished, and on top of all that I get to feel smarter! Well ok, smarter is relative but I feel as though I have actually learned something. The biggest thing I learned?

I need to write in my own voice. This, when you sit down to do this is a lot harder than it sounds. I’d like to sit here and say I’ve got a great voice, but truth is I’m not sure. I think I have a voice (Lord knows, Alex would be shouting out to y’all if you could hear him that “YES! Yes she Talks. A lot. With her VOICE!”) but in the end all I’m really doing is type, type, typing my little heart out hoping y’all will like it.

I secretly dream of being the next big blogger. Or getting one thousand hits a day. Why dream small, you know?

So there you have it…31 days and theoretically I’m a better blogger. I don’t know if y’all have noticed but I sure hope you have and that you like the changes that you’ve seen!

Don’t forget to let me know what y’all like and dislike in blog designs!


5 responses to “Blogging my Way through 31 Days.

  1. I like the new and cleaner look. It’s looks much more professional and yes, html and CSS are hard but the more you do the easier it gets. I use it everyday and I still wish I knew more about web designing. I would love to get a professional web designer position with a company.

  2. Looks great and congrats on finishing the 31 day challenge!

  3. wooot woot! so proud of allll of us for completing the challenge! it was a great challenge and i look forward to continuing to work with our group on reviewing key days and coming up with new challenges! look forward to watching the evolution of your new design!