Searching for Some Good Reads

I have a small confession to make, one you may or may not already know about me.

I am a book ho’.

That’s right I’m a wanderer, searcher, purveyor, and thorough enjoyer of all things literary. So when my Momma called me to invite me to a WAREHOUSE of used books up in Tennessee, I just couldn’t turn that down! Y’all this place has TWO STORIES  of used books. Free books. You name it….lots of books. Except now I have teensy tiny problem. I don’t know what to shop for, and y’all that is just not normal for me!


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Books are my version of Alex’s Jeep. An obsession if you like.

I’m a huge lover of Nora Roberts, Stephanie Laurens, and Yasmine Galenorn just to name a few….ok Romance. Romance is my guilty pleasure, but I’ve also been diving into some other books. I just finished reading Eat, Pray, Love and oh my gosh was that book spectacular. I can’t wait to see the movie now. I rarely delve into the “deep thought” books because well….reading is an escape for me. So I don’t to be thinking too heavily.

So since I’m headed to the most amazing bookstore in all of TN, I was just wondering if y’all had any suggestions for some great reads. Authors, book titles, anything suggestions would be super-duper helpful.

So tell me y’all, what should I be looking for in this massive warehouse of books?


6 responses to “Searching for Some Good Reads

  1. What?! Where is this place?? Please tell me that it’s close by me (I’m in TN too)!

  2. I am so jealous! I love books. I just finished cataloging all my unread books and I have enough that I could read 1 a day and still not get through them all. But that doesn’t stop me from lusting for more. Next week is the library book sale and I’ll be there bright and early. But free! If I was closer I would be there with bells on.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention you need to check out Heather Webber’s books – Absolutely, Positively. Deeply, Desperately. and Truely, Madly. You’ll love them.

  4. Oh my gosh am I jealous too!!I’m sure you’ll see plenty that will catch your eye!

  5. Grandma Judy

    Look for Aola Vandergriff. Her paperback books are old and they haven’t been reprinted. There are 7 in a series set in Australia and other countries and are really interesting. I looked them up online awhile back because I wanted to find them all, but they are difficult to locate. Would love to get my hands on the 5 I haven’t read.
    They are “Daughters of the…..” books.
    1. Daughters of the Southwind (I have it) 2. Wild Country 3. Far Islands 4. Opal Skies (I have it) 5. Misty Isles 6. Shining City 7. Of the Storm

  6. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Oh wow, I am so jealous! If it’s not too weird, take pics while you there! As for light-reading recommendations: anything by Sophie Kinsella or Carmen Reid. Danielle Steele’s Granny Dan is one I’ve re-read several times – really beautiful love story set during the Russian Revolution. And, for a change, Patricia Cornwell’s crime mysteries are always gripping! Keep us posted on what you choose! 🙂