Easter Decorations Have Sprouted

Clearly I need to get back to writing my posts on a calendar schedule since this is the second day that I am posting quite late. Luckily Alex is watching a History Channel special regarding snipers.

Which means I control the computer! Temporarily speaking at least.

Well despite the weather (and Mother Nature, I realize you may be having a slightly off day but I do believe temps should be 74 degrees, not 47) not appearing too “Spring” like, I decided it was time for our house to look like Easter!

I added little touches to our kitchen table, side tables, fireplace, and guest bathroom. It’s not a lot, but I’m happy with it. Alex likes the fact that everything Easter in our house has come from his Mom and his Grandmother. When his Mom passed, Hummy (his Grandmother) was kind enough to gather, save and later pass on to Alex the little things like Easter decor that his Mom used to put around the house.

It brings me pleasure to use these items to bring that little touch of home. Now, I just need to get together with the Easter Bunny on what to put in Alex’s basket this year.

How about y’all, are y’all doing anything special for Easter this year? Does the Easter Bunny visit your house and leave special treats? ::cough cough:: I’m hoping a certain someone lets the Easter Bunny know how much I like Peeps and Peanut Butter Pastel Colored M&M’s!

Alex just read this and made me edit that last part to specifically state Peanut Butter. Happy Mr. Bunny?


2 responses to “Easter Decorations Have Sprouted

  1. Grandma Judy

    I have a small collection of rabbits and add to it when I go to thrift shops.
    Some years I forget to put them out soon enough for Easter. I’ll be in Israel and Rome this year right before Easter so they’ll stay in drawers until next year.

  2. Aww, fun!! I have a bunch of little Easter decorations that I should get out. 🙂