Back From McKay’s

Talk about a Book Mecca…Last Saturday my Mom, a friend of hers, and I all went up to Chattanooga, TN to go to the largest used book store I’ve ever seen. Y’all this thing rivaled some chain book stores in size! The great thing about the store, besides the maps they have for when you get lost, is the fact that it accepts credits from books, movies, video games, etc that you turn in. You can either use that money as credit or they’ll hand you roughly a 1/3 of it as cash. Woohoo cash!

Alex was super cool and understand that I’d probably be coming home with lots of books, but I swore up and down that I’d try not to spend much (if any) money. So when I hopped in the car on Saturday morning I was a bit in awe of my Mom and her friend’s “stash.” BOXES of books…in fact they brought the maximum allowed without an appointment.

Yea did I mention, this place sometimes needs to make appointments with people just to assess their books. CRAZY!

Once we got there, we dropped off the books to be assessed and then went shopping! My Mom, ever the organized soul had a shopping list with ISBN info and comparative pricing. Her friend just had a plan in mind. Me….I think I just stood there in shock for a few minutes before slowly wandering away. Next time I think I need a game plan.


Just one small section of McKay's



I found several books for myself by Nora Roberts….eventually I will own her entire collection….and then I wandered off to the Military section to look for Alex. Then I was quickly over-whelmed by the Civil War section alone. (Sorry for the photo quality…it must be the shock and awe I was  experiencing. Or the fact that I stink at using my iPhone camera.)

I also dashed upstairs to look for some CD’s and was quickly rewarded with one for myself and one Alex has been listening to non-stop since I brought it home. (I’m not actually sure if I feel lucky that I found it because of this behavior.) In the end I was super lucky that the ladies I was with generously shared their (wait for it….) $150 worth of credit!!!! Especially since most books there cost a whopping $2-3. We didn’t spend near what they earned but we walked away with about a printer paper box worth of books. Success in every way imaginable!

Especially when you consider, short of gas and the food we stopped to eat (which was not a requirement) we didn’t spend a single dime. Not one. Zip. Zilch. Nadda. SUCCESS!

So y’all, if you are in need of some good books at a really great price. Or even something to do on a rainy day…and you live within a few hours’ drive to Chattanooga, TN. Go…gather books, get in your car and get moving! No seriously, stop reading (I’ll understand this time) and get yourself out of here to some books! Just tell me what you found when you get back.


2 responses to “Back From McKay’s

  1. Wow…and I mean That’s a lot of books…and $150 credit…they must have packed the car!! Sounds like a fun day and love the pics (even if phone pics are blurry), they give a great idea of how vast the place is!

  2. Sounds like Powells in Portland. Except that you can buy brand new books there. When you walk in the door of Powell, they give you a map so you can find your way around. It’s huge. I think like 5 floors and a whole city block. That’s not including the technical books. They’re in a separate building a block away. I’ve been saving my books up for when I go there in July. Woohoo! More books!