Singing in the Shower

/Face Palm. That pretty much sums up how I felt the other night immediately after my shower. You ever had one of those moments? Gosh I sure hope so otherwise I’m gonna have to say I’m standing knee-deep in cow pies.


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And I’m not talking apple pie, although dang that would be tasty.


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Anyway (sorry I distract even myself…Alex finds this quality amusing in an annoying sort of way.) I keep an iPod speaker dock in our bathroom. So the other day I’m just rocking it out in the shower because Alex was in the garage. Working on his Jeep.

(By the way, our iPod dock looks nothing like this, but I thought this photo was hilarious given the topic.)

Or so I thought.

Fast forward about 15 minutes and I step out of our bathroom, dodge the cats, and continuing singing along with Charlie Daniels and The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack, “The blood of Abraham flows in my veins, I see their misery….AAAGHHHHHH!!!!!!” Sexy ending right?

Alex is just dying of laughter on the bed, and in between his tears and guffaws he manages to gasp “Why did you stop?”

I tried to gather my dignity around me, as best one can wrapped in a towel and singing their lungs off, “No thank you. I was just admiring a Christian song that starts with lightning strikes and guitar riffs.”

That sent him over the edge. Alex had evidently walked in soon after I turned on my music and decided he’d just hang around in our bedroom for the entire show. With a snack and a drink no less! Then he just had to be a critic. /Face Palm moment indeed.

Do you ever sing in the shower? Or maybe in the car (Like Alex does)? Perhaps while doing the dishes? Please tell me I’m not alone here! What do you like to sing? Clearly I’m going for the Nashville Rockabilly style songs. Just call me Wailin’ Sparkle.

As you can tell this wasn’t an entirely abnormal experience in our house since Alex knew there’d be a whole concert and he could just grab a beer and chill.  I’ll say this…we may not be normal but we laugh so much I’d rather be abnormal any day of the week!


8 responses to “Singing in the Shower

  1. I most definitely do this! My fiance is actually a good singer, so he really makes fun of me when he has to witness it. When I sing the car I turn it up loud so I can’t hear myself over the music. Ha ha. I belt out to almost anything 🙂

  2. I sing in the shower – loud and proud! And if my family wants to laugh at me, I’ll just sing louder!

  3. I don’t sing in the shower… but I do dance.

    Which is probably more dangerous.

  4. Hahahahaha! I love this! I totally sing (and by “sing” I mean “belt out lyrics loudly and offkey”) in the shower. Just recently something really similar to this happened with my husband. He definitely got a good laugh out of my concert. 😉