Sandy Beaches and Tybee Island

Weekends with Grandparents can be the best thing in the whole wide world. Weekends on the beach with Grandparents you haven’t seen in almost two years, well then you’ve just hit a little slice of heaven right there!

Alex, he was in heaven this weekend. Saturday after Alex got home from work we hopped in the car and we drove down to Tybee Island, GA. Alex’s grandparents had rented a beach condo and invited the two of us down for a visit which we excitedly said yes to earlier this month.

Well I drove. He napped. (He’s a boring driving companion….but he sleeps through anything I put on the radio I’ll give him that!)

Once down there we had a blast, we packed visiting and beach time as we could into our two and a half days down there. From visits with Alex’s grandfather where I was kindly escorted to the store to buy a sweatshirt (I really need to learn to pack for the weather channel weather not for my imagination weather) and then a quick stop for ice cream to shopping trips with his grandmother we just had an absolute blast.

Sunday we wandered the beach in the morning where I was able to chat with the local birds. They didn’t seem to want to chat with me though. (Alex took the photo, blame the lack of focus on him.)

Alex poked and prodded at the jelly fish remains on the beach. (Can I get an EWWWW!!!!)

Alex, Sunday evening, much to everyone in the condo’s amusement, Alex insisted we go sand-crab hunting. (He wanted to terrify me by bringing one near me…luckily he didn’t find a single one!)

Monday we went down to the beach, played in the (very cold) surf and I went photography crazy. Well ok I did that pretty much all weekend, but Monday I really played it up. I even found the remains, or perhaps beginnings, of a party. Hey Captain Morgan, can we join in?

That evening we all spiffied up and went to eat at this little joint called “AJ’s” where everyone had seafood a plenty. Since a great big storm rolled in that evening we watched some March Madness games where Alex and his family cheered for Butler.

I would have cheered as well if I liked basketball and thus knew a thing or two. And hadn’t fallen asleep in Alex’s lap.

Sadly Tuesday all of our fun had to come to an end. Which meant we had to say tootle-loo to the nifty, and very large, anchor as we jettisoned home. (Jettisoned is to be taken lightly here. Its Atlanta, Ga. During rush hour. You don’t really jettison anywhere. More like creep. Slower than a turtle.) Now here we are where I will begin the process of editing 200 photos. Someone save me.

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10 responses to “Sandy Beaches and Tybee Island

  1. Sounds and looks like you had a blast!! I can’t wait for warmer weather here!

  2. This is all I can think about now after seeing your jellyfish photo… Thanks a lot lady…

  3. Wonderful photos, especially the jelly fish. I hate coming across those on the beach!

    Thank you for visiting my blog today!

  4. Aaaaugh! I want to live within driving distance of a beach. What a fun weekend!

  5. Sounds like the perfect mini-getaway! So jealous of you going to the beach, even if it was cold! That pic Alex took is great – kudos! Love the sign-off too – is that something we can come to expect?