I’m Glad to Be a Girl

Spring has sprung and along with it so has the grass, the weeds, and most stridently….the pollen! After our little vacation this past weekend we came home to a rather pathetic looking yard which meant Alex had to mow. He’s also got to weed-eat, trim the bushes, and in general make our yard look like we actually live there rather than simply visit it occasionally.

As I sat inside editing photos for the SITS challenge I’m participating in this week and next (I’ll have more on this later, I’m still a few days behind because of that whole vacation thing) I had to giggle to myself as I watched Alex go back and forth with the lawn-mower. I’m so glad I’m the girl!

I’m also glad I married a manly man who insists on treating me like “The Girl.”

It’s old-fashioned of me I’m sure but, I’m glad I’m the girl in this relationship. Since I am the girl I get…

~To not worry about yard work. Ever. (Yay for not getting dirty and sweaty and just icky!)

~Have a valid excuse to not have to wash my car, remember my oil changes, and otherwise handle “The Jeeps” (although I totally could if I wanted to. I just don’t.)


~Get my door held open all the time. Car door, restaurant doors, our house door…they are all held open for me by Alex and I DON’T MIND. There is definitely something to be said for marrying a Southern Gentleman. (That’s a huge change from Ms. Independent from high school.)


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~Treated like a princess. No seriously y’all, I get on a ladder its “Get down and let me do that!” or I go to hang a shelf “Stephanie, I’ll do that for you.” Mind you, I can (and do) handle these chores on my own when Alex isn’t there but it sure is nice being treated like you are a princess.


~Pedicures. No need to say more than that.

Yup, as far as I can tell I’m one lucky gal. Now, I have to get back to working on those photos shortly but in the meantime share with me.

What is the one thing that makes you glad you are “The Girl?” Or if there are any guys out there, glad you are NOT “the girl?”

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8 responses to “I’m Glad to Be a Girl

  1. You are seriously one lucky gal!

  2. I’m down! Though personally, I love doing yardwork because I love having a nice yard – way more than the BabbyDaddy does 🙂

  3. It’s a smart wife who establishes “boy jobs” early in the marriage. Good job!

  4. There’s a lot to be said for a man who holds a door open for a woman. It says so much about his character.