Driving Down the Atlanta Highway

Have y’all ever been to Chattanooga, TN? Oh my goodness I have fallen in love. We are small town folks, dirt roads all the way, but in terms of visiting a city. This is the city for us! Sunday Alex was in charge of planning our day together and after taking a while to wake up, he managed to whip up a great plan!

I was told to get dressed, grab the camera, and get my tushie in the Jeep. Oh and to hush up. (I ask a lot of questions. Like Why? And where are we going? And what should I wear? You know…critical details.) Alex decided that the perfect thing to do was to show me how completely awesome the Tennessee Aquarium was and from the moment we left I was enthralled with his plan.

There is something completely awesome about dating your spouse. This is exactly what we did Sunday. We went on a date.

I was just able to avoid the pre-date jitters of “oh god will we actually have fun?” even if I couldn’t avoid the “But what do I WEAR?!?!”

The aquarium itself was a blast, we saw super pretty fresh-water sting rays, fed (Alex fed…I HAD to hold the camera) salt-water sting rays, had a butterfly hitch a ride, and then were invited to black suit dinner with some formal dressed guests.

After that we were fascinated by MORE jellyfish, Alex had to speak with the locals (big surprise there) and in general acted like kids. We were amazed, entertained, educated, and enthralled.

Afterwards we walked to the Mexican bar across the street for a bite to eat, but stopped to chat with the horse and carriage drivers. (And the horses. What you don’t talk to horses? You should, they are quite the conversationalist.) Oh and the self-described “bums” who traveled by freight train, had a cat that rode on their shoulders, and offered to do odd work wherever.

They were actually incredibly interesting to talk to, as were the multiple carriage drivers, and the gentleman at the aquarium. I only wish I had the foresight to ask for and take photos of the people we met. (Alex may be able to talk the paint off a wall, but he meets the most interesting people while doing so!)

After all of this adventuring we went over to the bar as planned and had DELICIOUS tacos and margaritas. We sat outside beneath these old-fashioned lantern styled lights while observing the people and traffic walking by. It’s definitely a place I’ll want to go back and see again. In fact, I told Alex I’d like to maybe spend a long weekend up there, staying in a hotel and playing tourist.

Is there any town that you have fallen in love with at first glance?

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3 responses to “Driving Down the Atlanta Highway

  1. Another excellent post thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading your blog very much. Spending time with my family is something I love to do. Feel free to stop by Easy Lifestyles sometime. We would love to see you there

  2. There are so many cities in the South that I would love to visit. I really haven’t spent much time there. The one place I did visit that I could move to in a heartbeat though? Hawaii!!!

  3. Stephanie, I actually lived in “The Noog” for6 months – my hubby had to be in town for work. We live in Atlanta though. Anyhoo, it is a really cute city, love the riverfront and aquarium. We have a 3 yr old so it was great for her.

    I am visiting form Shelley’s blog (31DBBB follow-up) and I think your niche would be maybe something along the lines of “family” or “relationship”. Not sure what the actual categories are. Hope that helps some! I’m following you on twitter now!