A new day, a new SITS Challenge

Have y’all heard of SITS? I did a post a couple of weeks back where I mentioned I had just completed participation in the “31 Days to a Better Blog” challenge and I liked it so much (as well as I was able to meet many new fantastic bloggers) that I jumped right on board when Lynda announced she’d be leading (along with several other ladies) the SITS Photography Challenge.

I mean, hey it’s a challenge that is basically all about improving the photographs, which I love to include in my blog posts and put around the house.

(No really, ask Alex we seriously have photos just lying around our house awaiting space on a wall, shelf, etc.)

I’ve been pretty dang lackadaisical about getting my tush in gear for this challenge, but today (well today as in the day I’ve caught up to, not the actual day everyone who is on top of things is on) is all about social media and promoting the blog and photos. Do y’all use a particular social media outlet to promote your blog or your photos?

As you know, Our Marriage Adventure has both a Facebook page and I’m on Twitter. I try to use those as often as possible to let y’all know about new posts, which typically means new photos! Speaking of which, y’all should totally follow me if you haven’t already. I do more than publish post notices; I also try to publish random commentary and attempts at humor. (I’m totally worth it…it’s the L’Oreal gal in me.)  I’ve also tried to encourage others to share photos on Facebook, but so far none of y’all have been that generous. Then lately I’ve added a brand-spankin’ new method of sharing.

Instagram. Oh.my.gosh is it fun. I’ve taken photos of the cats, ok a LOT of the cats. They are the perfect subject …lazy! I’ve also snapped photos of Tybee Island’s lighthouse, flowers from TN, and a goose that decided he’d deliver mail for a living. (Y’all the goose seriously walked from mailbox to mailbox along our street. HI-LAR-IOUS!)

Collage of Tybee Island, Tennessee Aquarium, and personal photos

My Instagram Life

Since I’m on Instagram I am able to share these in a feed there under the user i.d. mrsourma. Do you have an Instagram I.d.?

Blogging Signature


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