My Day in Photos

You ever have one of those day’s when you look at the clock and just WISH for bedtime? How do you get over those days? Today is one of those days.

This morning I woke up early. I was super proud of myself, then I hit snooze because I had an extra five minutes to sleep. Guess what….that button wasn’t for snooze. It was for OFF. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who has done this.) So my normally empty drive looked more like this.

Atlanta commutes

Then at lunch I realized that while I had packed breakfast, and a snack….I had forgotten lunch. So it was a quick run through the drive-thru.

McDonald's Coke

By the time I got home I was definitely thirsty so I reached for the water that quenches my thirst every time. (I’m seriously addicted to this water y’all. I could drink two or three bottles a day.) Well, one should open this water slowly otherwise it spills on the counter and then the floor where one’s cats can enjoy it. Not that I know or would have done anything like that.

Seltzer Water, Raspberry Water

Then, Alex and I were able to go to dinner and well our fortunes were amusing to say the least. And completely bogus, unless I’m standing in a mall. (Mine says I’ll be surrounded by things of luxury. Yea. Right.)

Chinese Cookie Fortune

Now its 10:30 p.m. and I’m FINALLY getting the blog post up for today. Thank goodness its bedtime because tomorrow WILL be different. Mostly because I’m setting my alarm clock across the room so that I don’t hit the “snooze” button.


6 responses to “My Day in Photos

  1. Well it started rocky, but it looks like it ended in a fun way!

  2. I hate when I oversleep!

  3. I came across to say ‘hi’ because I loved your awesome photos on the SITS photo challenge wrap-up, nice to meet you 🙂