Hoping for a Furry Friend to Visit

Hello my internet friends please excuse the flailing arms and disjointed moves for a moment while I break into HAPPY DANCE!

Why? Well because it’s Friday of course! I personally can’t wait for this weekend because it’s a weekend of traditions in our household.

  1. We’re going to continue ripping our fence out. Or rather Alex is and I’ll be inside (in the A/C, which is another reason for rejoicing this weekend. At least for me.) making him sweet tea.
  2. I’m hoping a certain furry animal in a white suit comes hopping past our house with a special treat for the hubby. Not that I know anything about that at all.
  3. Easter Sunday dinner!

The third one is the item I’m looking forward to the most because Alex and I rarely sit down at the table and eat together. We eat dinner together dang near every night, but at our own dining room table? Nope hardly ever. (Which is sad when you consider we have a dining room AND kitchen table.) However, this year we’ll be sitting down and enjoy ham and salad and sweet potatoes. Plus I’ll get to use the highly appropriate napkin holders when I set our table!

What about you? What are you doing for the weekend?

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2 responses to “Hoping for a Furry Friend to Visit

  1. Grandma Judy

    I’ll be getting ready for your mom and dad to arrive.
    Also have been invited for Easter dinner by neighbors.

  2. Love those napkin holders!