About Me!

Coke and I ... plus Alex

Hi y’all I’m Stephanie.  Lover of Coca Cola and chocolate. Reader of romance novels and the primary writer for this blog. (Oh and I also love a good glass of wine, fires in the fireplace, a good bowl of chili, and riding horses among other things…I’m multi-faceted)

As a wife, fur-baby mom, cook, worker-bee, shopper, reader, cleaner and blogger I have put together this little island of interwebs to share our story with you! Our lives aren’t perfect, but we’re learning and as we do we’ll share our triumphs, our tears, our fights (to a degree!), and our laughter with you. From the ups to the downs and all the lessons we learn along the way, follow along as I lay it all out in total honesty. I can’t claim we’re the “perfect” couple, but we’re working on this marriage every day of our lives and want to share that experience with you.

In case you were wondering, the two parts of this marriage are Alex, a 2o-something (cough cough, almost 30) Southern Gentleman a.k.a. “Country”  and myself, Stephanie, a 20-something Country Girl who live in North Georgia. We were married on 9-12-09 and are just a tad bit southern from our speech, to our dress, to our version of fun, but we also really love sharing those things with y’all.

If you ever want to email me you can find my info at our Contacts page. I will respond to every single email and I try to respond to every single comment as well.

If you really want to get to know us, you can check out our Facebook page, myTwitter page, or even one of our multitudes of Photography sites listed on thePhoto’s Page.


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