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Guess what!

Our Marriage Adventure is MOVING.

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That’s right, we’re moving to a new server. A new format. A whole stinkin’ NEW look.

The address will still be the same but the look will be new.

Your email subscriptions SHOULD work, but just in case by tomorrow you should hop on over to our new site and check it all out!

No really go. Go on – I’ll be waiting with the doormat mostly washed of mud from Alex’s boots, and my heels should all be put away. I promise.

(If you can’t see the changes clear your browsing history / cache and try again!)


He’s My Soulmate

Today’s (nearly) Wordless Wednesday Post is dedicated to my hubby. The man who supports the blog, helps give me reasons for the blog, and is making fun of the t.v. with me right now.

Don’t forget to check Our Marriage Adventure Reviews to see if you won the contest!

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A new day, a new SITS Challenge

Have y’all heard of SITS? I did a post a couple of weeks back where I mentioned I had just completed participation in the “31 Days to a Better Blog” challenge and I liked it so much (as well as I was able to meet many new fantastic bloggers) that I jumped right on board when Lynda announced she’d be leading (along with several other ladies) the SITS Photography Challenge.

I mean, hey it’s a challenge that is basically all about improving the photographs, which I love to include in my blog posts and put around the house.

(No really, ask Alex we seriously have photos just lying around our house awaiting space on a wall, shelf, etc.)

I’ve been pretty dang lackadaisical about getting my tush in gear for this challenge, but today (well today as in the day I’ve caught up to, not the actual day everyone who is on top of things is on) is all about social media and promoting the blog and photos. Do y’all use a particular social media outlet to promote your blog or your photos? Continue reading

A Spot of Sunshine

Blogging my Way through 31 Days.

Well its official I’ve completed the 31 Days to a Better Blog challenge over on the SITS girls website. There is no medal, nor a fancy t-shirt, nor even a snack and a drink at the end of this race!

I feel jipped!

Nonetheless I feel accomplished and as thought I have absorbed information; information that I’ve then used to clean up the blog and start down a path of blogging achievement. Kinda like that sponge sitting on my kitchen counter, but with less germs and soap. I feel accomplished because… Continue reading