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Sharing the Frosting

Alex and Kahlua


My Day in Photos

You ever have one of those day’s when you look at the clock and just WISH for bedtime? How do you get over those days? Today is one of those days.

This morning I woke up early. I was super proud of myself, then I hit snooze because I had an extra five minutes to sleep. Guess what….that button wasn’t for snooze. It was for OFF. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who has done this.) So my normally empty drive looked more like this.

Atlanta commutes Continue reading

A new day, a new SITS Challenge

Have y’all heard of SITS? I did a post a couple of weeks back where I mentioned I had just completed participation in the “31 Days to a Better Blog” challenge and I liked it so much (as well as I was able to meet many new fantastic bloggers) that I jumped right on board when Lynda announced she’d be leading (along with several other ladies) the SITS Photography Challenge.

I mean, hey it’s a challenge that is basically all about improving the photographs, which I love to include in my blog posts and put around the house.

(No really, ask Alex we seriously have photos just lying around our house awaiting space on a wall, shelf, etc.)

I’ve been pretty dang lackadaisical about getting my tush in gear for this challenge, but today (well today as in the day I’ve caught up to, not the actual day everyone who is on top of things is on) is all about social media and promoting the blog and photos. Do y’all use a particular social media outlet to promote your blog or your photos? Continue reading

Driving Down the Atlanta Highway

Have y’all ever been to Chattanooga, TN? Oh my goodness I have fallen in love. We are small town folks, dirt roads all the way, but in terms of visiting a city. This is the city for us! Sunday Alex was in charge of planning our day together and after taking a while to wake up, he managed to whip up a great plan!

I was told to get dressed, grab the camera, and get my tushie in the Jeep. Oh and to hush up. (I ask a lot of questions. Like Why? And where are we going? And what should I wear? You know…critical details.) Alex decided that the perfect thing to do was to show me how completely awesome the Tennessee Aquarium was and from the moment we left I was enthralled with his plan.

There is something completely awesome about dating your spouse. This is exactly what we did Sunday. We went on a date.

I was just able to avoid the pre-date jitters of “oh god will we actually have fun?” even if I couldn’t avoid the “But what do I WEAR?!?!” Continue reading

It’s A Saturday Shot