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The Great Easter Basket Hunt

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Peter Cottontail
Here comes Peter Cottontail,
Hopping’ down the bunny trail,
Hippity, hoppity,
Easter’s on its way.

Did Peter Cottontail / the Easter Bunny come to your house this year? I saw so many families and tweets and status updates today as families gathered and celebrated the day. Many times I saw references to a hunt for eggs!

Easter came with a bit of a hunt for us too this year. As a surprise to Alex I decided to add a new twist to our traditional Easter Basket exchange by waking him with a fun little note!

“Well Hello Alex, I hopped through early this morning and since you were still sleeping I hid your basket and left you clues in these eggs. Good Luck!”

Easter Basket Hunt

(Camouflage eggs were just the ticket for a hidden egg Easter basket hunt!)

Easter Egg Hunt

The clues continued and were hidden from his sock drawer to our toasting goblets from the wedding and even managed to find themselves out ON TOP of his Jeep. Some were a tad harder to find, perhaps I should have stuck the clue to the one in the coffee grinds a bit closer to the beginning.

Searching for Easter Eggs

After many moments in thought and few moments of just pure laughter Alex was finally able to find and open his Easter Basket. From chocolate rabbits to jelly beans the basket was decorated and filled, plus it even included a toy!

(I mean, really, doesn’t ever great egg seeker deserve a toy to reward all that hard work?)

Finding the Easter Basket, Opening the Easter Basket

Only kicker…um Peter Cottontail forgot to leave some batteries. So for now, Alex’s toy is our latest table decor.

Did you get an Easter basket? What was in it?

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Easter Decorations Have Sprouted

Clearly I need to get back to writing my posts on a calendar schedule since this is the second day that I am posting quite late. Luckily Alex is watching a History Channel special regarding snipers.

Which means I control the computer! Temporarily speaking at least.

Well despite the weather (and Mother Nature, I realize you may be having a slightly off day but I do believe temps should be 74 degrees, not 47) not appearing too “Spring” like, I decided it was time for our house to look like Easter!

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A Spot of Sunshine

Spring’s Revenge

Have you been outside lately? It’s absolutely LOVELY weather down here in Georgia. I mean, the highs for tomorrow are 80. EIGHTY! I can only hope the weatherman is not lulling us into a false sense of complacency by bringing warm, sunny weather for weeks only to slam us with a blizzard in another week or two. When there is a beach in my future. (Mmmm white sand, crashing waves, seashells….oops sorry that little dream gets me every time.) That would be horribly depressing. Still, right now I can do nothing but enjoy the sunshine and spring flowers that are popping up everywhere. Continue reading

A Ray of Sunshine

This weekend was such a blast.

Saturday I was able to really indulge myself and be as lazy as possible. I played my game World of Warcraft for several (four or more) hours through out the day. I also read a book to back up the brain cells I managed to kill by playing exorbitant amounts of video game.

Then because I felt so bad for being lazy I went around opening blinds and windows to air out the house since it was such an amazing day outside. Sunny and in the 60’s really made me smile. I did laundry and re-made our guest bed and cleaned the guest bath as well, which made me feel really accomplished.

During all this the cats were just everywhere trying to “help.” Continue reading