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Flowers to Brighten the Day

I just love flowers don’t you? The color, the scents, and the overall “oomph” they can add to a room really just make me smile. Plus they make a great addition to any room as a touch of décor.

(Alex smiles less in the spring because of pollen. I do not share this poor affliction.)

So is it any wonder that I wish I had a beautiful front yard full of colorful blooms? Not to me! I wish I had a yard that makes passer-by’s go “Ohh and AHH.” A Martha Stewart meets Home and Garden by way of Country Living style yard if you please.

Only kicker?

I also have a black arm. Not just a thumb. Or even a hand. Nope, the whole dang arm is black. It’s an affliction I tell you.

I honestly think plants look at me coming and go “Look droopy fellows, quick! She won’t pick us if we look weak.”

In fact, my boss recently gifted me with the most gorgeous potted Orchid. Alex’s response when he found out my gift…”I’ll pray for it.” (I hope his prayers are strong…the thing will need ‘em!) I want it to live, I hope that counts!

Potted Orchid

So I tend to stick to fake flowers. I may have to dust the darn things, but hey at least my table looks great!

What about you? Are you any good at growing things and keeping them alive?


A Man and His Hammer

Home Depot is the best store, but at the same time I’m pretty dang sure that store is its own dimension. You walk through those front doors and what you’ve actually done is walked through a portal that takes you to a land where time moves much more slowly than the real world.
Black Hole, Vortex

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At least if you’re a home-owner that is!
As we continue to work on our house we have found that we have priorities on what all we want to get done. Sometimes those priorities make sense (such as our roof) and sometimes those priorities make very little sense. Today I came home to a priority that makes very little sense.
We have a very ragged yard. The previous owner rented the house out and while there are remnants that someone cared and TRIED to do good things. The yard is um, unattractive. So we’ve discussed how we’d like to remove our sway-back fence and redo the front shrubs. Little stuff, but stuff that makes it more our home on the outside as well as the inside. Ya know?
Well today I came home to this.
Removing our Fence, Fence Removal
And this:
Replacing the front porch
Evidently we’re moving forward with the bush removal, fence removal, and front porch replacement a tad quicker than I realized. Which I love….and Home Depot will love more! The great news is the house looks wonderfully different already and like we actually CARE about it. The bad news is there is a time crunch here because Alex’s birthday is next month and we’re talking about having a house party at some point.
Are there any “projects” around your house, apartment, dorm, what may have you that you’d like to do or at the very least come home to see being worked on?
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Easter Decorations Have Sprouted

Clearly I need to get back to writing my posts on a calendar schedule since this is the second day that I am posting quite late. Luckily Alex is watching a History Channel special regarding snipers.

Which means I control the computer! Temporarily speaking at least.

Well despite the weather (and Mother Nature, I realize you may be having a slightly off day but I do believe temps should be 74 degrees, not 47) not appearing too “Spring” like, I decided it was time for our house to look like Easter!

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This is a Man’s World

Are you great at sharing how you feel? I am…guess that’s the whole female aspect of me. Alex on the other hand…not so much. However, thanks to Alex getting in touch with his feelings I now have six more chickens in our house. That’s right; Alex’s feelings go together with chickens and our kitchen.

According to Merriam-Webster one of the definitions of a MAN (noun) is “d (1) : one possessing in high degree the qualities considered distinctive of manhood (2) obsolete : the quality or state of being manly : manliness.” Continue reading