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Asking for a Prayer

I love animals of all sorts. Alex, well he’d have a farm with a million dogs and horses if I’d let him. (I won’t. I’m a party pooper.) Animals typically are alright with me. Except for my parents’ cats. They are skittish and shy and all around wimps. Which is of great amusement to me seeing as how I’m cat sitting this weekend.

They are human tolerating.

(Having food in hand tends to get them a tad more friendly. Food after its been several hours since their last meal makes them down-right welcoming.)

(For a minute or two.)

The why as to why I am cat sitting is less fun than the actual cat-sitting itself. This week has been one of the harder weeks I’ve gone through in a long time. And if it is hard for me I can’t even imagine how hard it is for my Mom.

You see this week my Mom is sitting in a courthouse. Where the man who murdered my Uncle, her brother, is sitting and requesting a new “penalty trial” so that he can get off death row. (just to clarify, this isn’t a “wahhh I’m not guilty” request this is a “I did it because my Mommy and Daddy stunk so please change my punishment” request.) I’m not going to go in to all the debates about capital punishment and so forth so on. I’m simply going to say, at this point it’s been 14 years since this happened and 13 since the man was sentenced. At this point the killer has out lived his victim. (You can learn more here.)

So I guess in all of this I’m glad I have two persnickety cats who will love on me for a few minutes, as well as a great support structure at home with my husband and our two idiotic cats. I’m grateful that the horrible storms did not harm anyone we know and I pray for all of those who have lost so much at this time. I also ask that in this time, if you could pray for my Mom. She’s alone, family wise, in a room full of a killer’s supporters where he has LAUGHED in the court-room during these proceedings.

Please don’t judge us or our thoughts or our feelings. If you could however, when praying for all of the people who desperately need your prayers in the hard-hit south, offer just a teeny line of peace for my Mom I’d greatly appreciate it. I hope each and every one of you is safe and at peace tonight, and that all of your loved ones are as well.

Now excuse me I’m off to illicit more fake love from two wimpy cats with handfuls of food.

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Wuv, True Wuv

Do you remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school? Everyone would create a box or envelope or just clean off t heir desk and you would pass out cards. Every person received a card, but maybe that cute boy who pulls your ponytail would get the extra special card with an extra piece of candy.

Then you head to middle school and high-school where the school may sell flowers and you would just hope that you’d get that special delivery. If you were one of the lucky ladies who had a guy you’d get a stuffed animal or chocolates or BOTH! (These gifts still work guys, gets us all sappy for young love days…) Continue reading

Weekend Adventures

Well its Monday now (booo) but given how wonderful of a weekend we had, I won’t complain.

My paternal grandmother was able to come to town and see our house, which has been great.  Since Alex works Saturdays my grandmother and I went to Ikea. (That is one dangerous, but fun store) I walked in with the intention to only purchase a small cutting board and kill some time on a very blistery day, and walked out with a hearts ice-cube tray, hall way rug, and cutting boards. Still, only a whopping $22 spent. The best part of the trip though, MEATBALLS!

Have you had those things? Oh my gosh your taste buds will thank you.

Your waistline will not. Continue reading

Good Morning Charlie!

Well we went on our shopping trip last night and I had a BLAST!

My Mom and I do not have identical senses of style by any means. In fact her style is much more out there than my own. Case in point…leopard print, neon colors, and feathers are fairly typical items you can find on her suit jackets and shoes. Her philosophy is why by brown loafers when they have this nifty bright green pair right beside it? Continue reading

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

I was supposed to have this fun little post on what cute project I have for the bathroom (its curtains for our vanity which will hide the not so pretty bathroom accoutrement) but I gotta be honest with y’all.

I didn’t sew them. Not only did I not sew them, I don’t feel like sewing them. I don’t feel like sewing them because to do so would be to treat our home as completely okey dokey when it’s not.  No every single moment does not stink as we do still laugh together. We kiss, we say I love you, and we enjoy each other. But the prevailing feeling around our home is less than stellar right now.

Alex and I are struggling right now. A lot. Every day it seems like there is a new fight or a new frustration, when really it’s the same stuff over and over again. We are both such stubborn people, that when our backs get up neither of us want to bend, and bending is what this relationship needs. We’ll get there…eventually…but for now you might as well have two rams in our house. We achieve about the same amount of good when we talk as two rams do when they charge each other. Continue reading