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The Great Easter Basket Hunt

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Peter Cottontail
Here comes Peter Cottontail,
Hopping’ down the bunny trail,
Hippity, hoppity,
Easter’s on its way.

Did Peter Cottontail / the Easter Bunny come to your house this year? I saw so many families and tweets and status updates today as families gathered and celebrated the day. Many times I saw references to a hunt for eggs!

Easter came with a bit of a hunt for us too this year. As a surprise to Alex I decided to add a new twist to our traditional Easter Basket exchange by waking him with a fun little note!

“Well Hello Alex, I hopped through early this morning and since you were still sleeping I hid your basket and left you clues in these eggs. Good Luck!”

Easter Basket Hunt

(Camouflage eggs were just the ticket for a hidden egg Easter basket hunt!)

Easter Egg Hunt

The clues continued and were hidden from his sock drawer to our toasting goblets from the wedding and even managed to find themselves out ON TOP of his Jeep. Some were a tad harder to find, perhaps I should have stuck the clue to the one in the coffee grinds a bit closer to the beginning.

Searching for Easter Eggs

After many moments in thought and few moments of just pure laughter Alex was finally able to find and open his Easter Basket. From chocolate rabbits to jelly beans the basket was decorated and filled, plus it even included a toy!

(I mean, really, doesn’t ever great egg seeker deserve a toy to reward all that hard work?)

Finding the Easter Basket, Opening the Easter Basket

Only kicker…um Peter Cottontail forgot to leave some batteries. So for now, Alex’s toy is our latest table decor.

Did you get an Easter basket? What was in it?

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Wuv, True Wuv

Do you remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school? Everyone would create a box or envelope or just clean off t heir desk and you would pass out cards. Every person received a card, but maybe that cute boy who pulls your ponytail would get the extra special card with an extra piece of candy.

Then you head to middle school and high-school where the school may sell flowers and you would just hope that you’d get that special delivery. If you were one of the lucky ladies who had a guy you’d get a stuffed animal or chocolates or BOTH! (These gifts still work guys, gets us all sappy for young love days…) Continue reading

Time to Wrap it Up

Well its the end of 2010 and I for one can’t wait to see what 2011 brings us. Right now I’m working on the brand-new blog header for January (and playing World of Warcraft) so this will be a short post today. I’m not really going to push it out there for everyone to see, but I did want to share Alex’ surprise stocking for everyone to see.

Christmas Eve after Alex went to bed I gathered the supplies I had acquired when I went to Wal-Mart earlier that day (And holy cow will I plan much better in the future. Never. Ever. Again.) I laid everything out in our laundry room and started to stuff his stocking. Continue reading

The Most Wonderful Part of the Season

One of my absolute favorite things about the holidays is visiting with people.

Especially people I don’t see often. And while spending time with my family was super wonderful, probably one of the biggest highlights of the entire Christmas days off mini-vacation I had, was seeing old friends.

We went to dinner and talked and talked and talked (no really, we talked so long that the servers finally asked if they could have one of our tables to seat other people) about what was going on in our lives now and reminiscing about when we were younger. It’s great to see the fluidity of our friendships as we all get older. Continue reading

Pressing Pause on the Holiday

Christmas is this week, and I am not quite so excited. See this year things are going to be different. Very different.

Every year we get up on Christmas morning and either go to, or are already at, my Mom & Dad’s house. We rise and shine and first things first rush to our stockings to open gifts like the 5 year olds we secretly are. Then Mom makes her mimosas for all and a yummy breakfast casserole. We eat, drink, get merry and get dressed before all gathering around the tree. Where gifts are open round-robin style. Every person gets a gift, every person opens their gift one person at a time, and repeat. Continue reading