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What Ripping Out A Fence Will Get You

A couple of weekends ago Alex got the great plan to rip down our fence after having a discussion with our one neighbor.

He didn’t inform me of this decision until I pulled into the driveway with my mouth agape.

So on Easter Sunday after he found his Easter Basket we made a quick trip over to my parents’ house to grab their trailer and came home to finish ripping the stinker of a fence out. (Well Alex pushed and pulled the fence until it came down while I made sweet tea. Inside.)

After a while the entire thing was down and I went outside to help load the mess of remains onto the trailer. When something fun happened.

Loading the Old Fence

We moved into our house over a year ago, and in all that time our neighbors on the one side have only hesitantly waved at Alex and I. The man of the house has spoken to my father, but that is it. Easter Sunday as the fence came down so did the walls of unfamiliarity.

First the dog ran our way, then the Mom came strolling over. Then her daughter and son-in-law joined in the conversation from their back porch. Then her other daughter and finally her husband all made their way over to our house. Where we all stood and chatted. We talked gardens and shrubs, we spoke over cooking and plans for that evening. Before right before we (Alex primarily) got back to work and they left, the Mom looked at us and said “Don’t move for a long time. You are very nice.”

Well, thank You for that Easter miracle. If this is what ripping out a ratty ol’ fence gets us I can’t wait to see what the front porch will garner us!

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A Man and His Hammer

Home Depot is the best store, but at the same time I’m pretty dang sure that store is its own dimension. You walk through those front doors and what you’ve actually done is walked through a portal that takes you to a land where time moves much more slowly than the real world.
Black Hole, Vortex

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At least if you’re a home-owner that is!
As we continue to work on our house we have found that we have priorities on what all we want to get done. Sometimes those priorities make sense (such as our roof) and sometimes those priorities make very little sense. Today I came home to a priority that makes very little sense.
We have a very ragged yard. The previous owner rented the house out and while there are remnants that someone cared and TRIED to do good things. The yard is um, unattractive. So we’ve discussed how we’d like to remove our sway-back fence and redo the front shrubs. Little stuff, but stuff that makes it more our home on the outside as well as the inside. Ya know?
Well today I came home to this.
Removing our Fence, Fence Removal
And this:
Replacing the front porch
Evidently we’re moving forward with the bush removal, fence removal, and front porch replacement a tad quicker than I realized. Which I love….and Home Depot will love more! The great news is the house looks wonderfully different already and like we actually CARE about it. The bad news is there is a time crunch here because Alex’s birthday is next month and we’re talking about having a house party at some point.
Are there any “projects” around your house, apartment, dorm, what may have you that you’d like to do or at the very least come home to see being worked on?
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Spring’s Revenge

Have you been outside lately? It’s absolutely LOVELY weather down here in Georgia. I mean, the highs for tomorrow are 80. EIGHTY! I can only hope the weatherman is not lulling us into a false sense of complacency by bringing warm, sunny weather for weeks only to slam us with a blizzard in another week or two. When there is a beach in my future. (Mmmm white sand, crashing waves, seashells….oops sorry that little dream gets me every time.) That would be horribly depressing. Still, right now I can do nothing but enjoy the sunshine and spring flowers that are popping up everywhere. Continue reading

Decorating a Black Hole

Do you have a sense of personal style? I sort of do, but I’m having a really hard translating (or maybe even defining) what that sense IT is and then putting IT out there in various areas. One area that I’ve tried to share this is the blog design, but I’m thinking of ways to change that up. To get a little closer to who exactly Alex and I are. You’ll probably start to see reflections of this over the next couple of weeks.

Another area where you gotta have a sense of style, or at least you HOPE to, is decorating your house. Alex and I are very lucky that we share the same sense of style. Dark leathers, dark woods, and warm rich tones pervade our house. Colors such as “country green,” warm cream, and rich brown spill from our kitchen to our living room to our bedroom. I make a few colors pop (hello Orange walls…THEY LOOK GOOD DARNIT) but for the most part I style ourselves as country shabby-chic. With a small twist of “Americana” as well. And this style has led us well in planning every aspect of our house.

Except for one room. Continue reading

I’m a Lumber-Jack

Ok so I’m not the lumber-jack by any means. In fact I’m down right the opposite since I prefer a cozy spa day over anything out-doorsesque.

Nonetheless, thought I would show that Alex has decided its time for spring cleaning ’round here. So he broke out the trusty chainsaw. And he’s using it. Save me!

He's in there...somewhere