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What a Wonderful Week

Have you ever had some great news, a “win” if you want to call it that and the need to shout it from the top of the world? Well I sure do because its Friday y’all and oh my gosh what a wonderful Friday it is! This week the “Friday, We’re In Love” series may get a tad mushy. I’d apologize, but frankly I’m elated to BE mushy so for one day only. Smile and enjoy it please!

Alex and I have had a GREAT week. I mean it. This week has just about blown all of the others out of the park in more ways that you can consider. Here’s a quick recap of our week since last Friday. Continue reading


Why Alex Makes Me Laugh

Well its Friday which means it’s the weekly Friday, We’re In Love series. Only I have to admit that this Friday I don’t actually have a lot to talk about. No seriously, I offer up the texts between a husband and a wife as further proof that I don’t have a lot to say today.

Clearly Alex supports me, because he feels I can do one thousand percent better than my text. But that text, its summing up everything from this week pretty well. We talked, we went to Borders (sadly the store near us is closing, luckily dang near everything is 60 – 70 % off which means the $60 we spent on books could have been MUCH worse.) and we even had a lunch date. Lunch mostly because it was cheaper than dinner. I’m big on the cheaper. Continue reading

It’s Friday and We’re In Love

Well its been one week of Alex and I on our magical journey of marriage reconnection. (A touch sarcastic there no?) All in all things are going quite well, they aren’t fairy-tale romantic around here but really who wants to be a princess in a castle waiting for a prince to take care of things? Or for that matter always having to be a prince taking care of a damsel in distress? Not us!

Last weekend we were BUSY! We celebrated a first birthday, we did lots of chores, and we tried to reconnect by walking around a park in the amazing weather. Only I completely bombed on my assignment of choosing a park. You see I choose a close park that I had only ever driven past. BIG MISTAKE. Turns out this is a sports park. Where there are about 15 baseball diamonds. And some batting cages. A couple of practice pitching mounds. And some bathrooms.  Continue reading

It’s Friday, I’m in Love

The last fifteen days I’ve been involved in something at The SITS Girls (I’ll explain more later…) community wherein I spend 30 days becoming, hopefully, a better blogger. I don’t know if you, my regular pals, have noticed but I’m sure trying!

One day we spent coming up with a bunch of new ideas for our blogs and today I’m starting on one of the ideas I had! It’s a new weekly series called “Its Friday, I’m In Love…” which is a total play off a song. (Betcha you can’t name the song AND the movie it comes from without using a search engine!) I’ve decided to post this new series after reflecting on past posts where I’ve shared times where Alex and I have been struggling. You see we’ve resolved to take this step in our real lives and I thought, hey it would be super fun and possibly even helpful (I’m an optimist) to y’all! Continue reading

Wuv, True Wuv

Do you remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school? Everyone would create a box or envelope or just clean off t heir desk and you would pass out cards. Every person received a card, but maybe that cute boy who pulls your ponytail would get the extra special card with an extra piece of candy.

Then you head to middle school and high-school where the school may sell flowers and you would just hope that you’d get that special delivery. If you were one of the lucky ladies who had a guy you’d get a stuffed animal or chocolates or BOTH! (These gifts still work guys, gets us all sappy for young love days…) Continue reading