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Saturday Photography

Well its two o’clock on a Saturday and I have yet to eat. I did manage to get up, get dressed and make up on, run to the store and pick up my 30-day give idea for today…but cleaning. Um well I can show you what I’ve been getting done instead of cleaning.

All in the name of fun of course! (Fun being the operative word since I spent probably a good hour yelling at the computer for not reading my mind and putting together a watermark for the photos exactly how I wanted it. Without any direction or skill from me.)

See first I went and put together a smash-up of my photos from the Savannah, GA adventure.


Then I played around with a photo I took of a local fountain earlier this week.

Local fountain at Sunset

Before really going wild and trying to get a good photo of Alex and I to give some in-laws who we are going to go see next weekend. It’s hard to judge this one since  the way in which it was taken was quite comical. See … first I’d pose Alex, then I’d set up the shot, then in my skinny heels from work I’d DASH over to Alex and pose myself really fast while waiting for the camera to do its thing. Then I’d DASH right back to the camera in those darn heels and check the photo out. I did this about 20 times before Alex offered to be the one to push the button and DASH back. Now if only he had thought of this after time #2 not #21.

Love Birds

So you see, I have a really good excuse for not doing any housework. At all. Nadda. Zip. Zilch. So um, you think Alex will forgive me? Because if not – I’m eating his chocolates!


Celebrating Life

By taking photos of a cemetery? No I’m not crazy. I just think that by looking at how we memorialize a loved one’s passing is a great way to consider how we celebrate life. I went out last week and took some photos to start this project off and since my brain is still recovering from over 2 and a half days of solid wedding “GO!” time I wanted to share a small smattering of what I have. The rest of these are up on Flickr and you can click on my Flickr page using the link over to right of this post.

All of these photos were taken at a local church cemetery that I pass on my way home from work daily. It’s a rather old church so the cemetery has both new and old markers. I hope y’all enjoy!


A trio of crosses



Single marker that is actually one of the smaller ones



Trees surround this area



I love how you can go from a Single plot...to a Family



And what people use to remember those who have passed


My favorite….


This one speaks straight to my heart


Photo project

As part of my desire to grow in my hobby, plus to see if I really truly want an SLR (the answer is YES) camera, I’ve been trying to see if I have any talent for the task. Heart alone does not make it a worthy hobby, especially one such as photography. In order to help “assess” this part of myself I wanted to find a project I had an interest in. One I could play with at different times of the day and in different ways.

So I experimented with various pictures and styles before realizing that there is one photo assignment that has always captured my interest. It’s a somewhat compelling and occasionally controversial subject matter, but perhaps due to the losses I’ve experienced in life, one I’ve always been struck by. It is the photography and conceptualization of concrete angels.

Yup…cemeteries. I’m constantly struck by the beauty of the older style cemetery where there are tombstones galore, each with their own story to tell. Amazed at the more modern style with their “fields” of flowers. And captured by all the styles between.

I think it fitting and telling to view how we memorialize the dead. So, when I started thinking about this project I thought that perhaps I could do a little research by seeing what others have done before venturing out on my own.

So far I don’t have much, in part because I am still struck down by that fear of what others may think of me, how awkward I feel taking photos in what is a truly sacred place, and by how utterly out-of-place I feel in terms of “skill” and the camera. So as time passes you’ll start to see some of these photos pop up in my Flickr page.

Right now though, I’m still pushing myself to just get out there and TAKE photos. To overcome that natural shyness that is inherent to me. I was able to do some of this on this past Sunday while Alex was at work. (Boo for being called in so that we have NO weekend together. I really hate that.) And I learned a few vital lessons.

1. Focus your camera BEFORE you snap the photo….


This is where I learned to take a moment to actually focus my camera. Because I’m slow like that….actually, what this was was a case of assuming I had it right because my EYES could see just fine. My camera however does not have eyes like I do. Especially on fully manual. Chalk 1 up for inexperienced.

2. When walking in the woods, look for the fun that can make a great photograph

This was a tree that the park service just simply flattened the top of and added rails to and VOILA! We have a bridge. Simplicity and beauty melding together in perfect harmony. Great photography lesson too….

3. Sometimes, the trail you take to your destination is beauty in and of itself.

I have lots more pictures, mostly poor ones in my opinion, but to be fair I’ll upload them to my Flickr account shortly. Either way as you can see I’m still growing and learning. This is part of that whole “celebrate and maintain your own sense of self while in a marriage” bit that  I’ve talked about in the past. Photography is fun to me. I just gotta get over that whole nervous about stopping to take photos when no one else around me has a camera. Photos of the everyday. That and I need to learn to focus. Oh well at least I’m trying right?


(Thanks for agreeing with me. It really helps that self-esteem/nerves issue. Because I’m sure you are. You’re kind like that. And I appreciate it.)

When everything came together

As promised, today I have included the final design that I’m going to go frame now. I need to run some errands so that I can wrap this gift and somehow hide it in HIS car. We are heading out to the mountains for our next adventure this evening to re-live our first moments as a married couple.  We plan to relax together, to watch our wedding DVD, to walk the paths on the mountain, and in general celebrate US.

Its amazing to me that our adventure has already reached the one year mark, but I am so excited to be on this journey with Alex. I look forward to checking back with y’all (why yes I AM southern) on Monday evening. I hope to take lots of pictures in the mountains, our cabin, ourselves (but I fully admit I’m editing those pictures of me because right now my face is a hot mess….), and to telling you all about our celebration lunch on Sunday. So without further ado….

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

and The Gift when everything got put together!

And Two Become One

Now then, having said all that I would like to take a brief moment to honor and remember the soldiers fighting for our freedom. For the ones who have given the ultimate gift, for their families I’d like to say God Bless you and Thank you. For the soldiers both past and present who are fighting to give me the right to have this blog, this freedom of speech, and for their families who give up the little moments so that they can do so I say Thank You.  To everyone who was lost on 9-11-01 we honor and remember you.

Praise and Bless the United States of America.

Our Floridian Adventure part two

Woo hoo its time for part two! You can check out Part One of this adventure here if you missed out.

Sunday started bright and early for us…and I do mean EARLY. My dad and I decided the night before that we would like to get up and see the sun rise. So at six a.m. we exchanged a few texts confirming each other were up and headed out to the dock. Oddly enough, my texts woke Alex. (which is very rare…man normally sleeps through THREE alarms on any given day.) So he decided to join us down at the docks.

After watching an AMAZING sunrise we all grabbed breakfast down at Jan’s Cafe again before going for a drive. Turns out where we were vacationing is the same place my mom used to go as a teen AND where my grandfather helped build a nuclear power plant, so we jaunted up the coast just enjoying the day.

That evening we went off to celebrate the wedding of A (him) and G (her). It was wonderful and sweet and everything I wish it could have been for them. We were so glad we were there to celebrate.

At the reception I had a blast dancing my toes off and even managed to get Alex to dance with me. I know we have pictures of that somewhere, but it sure isn’t in my photo set. HOWEVER, I did manage to snap a picture of an event so rare….so unusual…that well, we had to have picture proof to PROVE it even happened.

My Dad danced!

The reception was pretty much the end of our night. Sadly that meant we had to wake up and head home the next day. BOO!!! However, before we packed up the convertible with our bags everyone headed down to the beach one last time. We were able to pick up some beautiful shells, take some fun photos, and in general enjoy our last few moments on “vacation” before heading our separate ways once again. My parents to their bike and the long ride home along with a brief stop to see more family. Alex and I to the airport where we would fly home.

Unfortunately this vacation has made me LONG for another one. Good news is this weekend we’ll be headed to the mountains and next year who knows? I think this time we may head out on a cruise ship. What about you? What is your ideal vacation?