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It’s Friday and We’re In Love

Well its been one week of Alex and I on our magical journey of marriage reconnection. (A touch sarcastic there no?) All in all things are going quite well, they aren’t fairy-tale romantic around here but really who wants to be a princess in a castle waiting for a prince to take care of things? Or for that matter always having to be a prince taking care of a damsel in distress? Not us!

Last weekend we were BUSY! We celebrated a first birthday, we did lots of chores, and we tried to reconnect by walking around a park in the amazing weather. Only I completely bombed on my assignment of choosing a park. You see I choose a close park that I had only ever driven past. BIG MISTAKE. Turns out this is a sports park. Where there are about 15 baseball diamonds. And some batting cages. A couple of practice pitching mounds. And some bathrooms.  Continue reading


A Display of Agape

Agape. (pronounced: Ah-gah-pay) Its such a simple word, and yet the power and weight behind it is truly awesome. Agape…unconditional love. Something I have been lucky enough to get reminded of last night. Have you ever experienced Agape?

No I mean, truly unconditional love, the kind where you know that when you walk in the door you will be greeted hugs and kisses no matter how their day went. You will be fawned over no matter how grumpy you get or whether or not you are ticked at each other. In fact you probably couldn’t get rid of the other one if you WANTED too, they love you that much.

I do and that unconditional love reared its lovely head for me last night. Continue reading

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

I was supposed to have this fun little post on what cute project I have for the bathroom (its curtains for our vanity which will hide the not so pretty bathroom accoutrement) but I gotta be honest with y’all.

I didn’t sew them. Not only did I not sew them, I don’t feel like sewing them. I don’t feel like sewing them because to do so would be to treat our home as completely okey dokey when it’s not.  No every single moment does not stink as we do still laugh together. We kiss, we say I love you, and we enjoy each other. But the prevailing feeling around our home is less than stellar right now.

Alex and I are struggling right now. A lot. Every day it seems like there is a new fight or a new frustration, when really it’s the same stuff over and over again. We are both such stubborn people, that when our backs get up neither of us want to bend, and bending is what this relationship needs. We’ll get there…eventually…but for now you might as well have two rams in our house. We achieve about the same amount of good when we talk as two rams do when they charge each other. Continue reading

The Most Wonderful Part of the Season

One of my absolute favorite things about the holidays is visiting with people.

Especially people I don’t see often. And while spending time with my family was super wonderful, probably one of the biggest highlights of the entire Christmas days off mini-vacation I had, was seeing old friends.

We went to dinner and talked and talked and talked (no really, we talked so long that the servers finally asked if they could have one of our tables to seat other people) about what was going on in our lives now and reminiscing about when we were younger. It’s great to see the fluidity of our friendships as we all get older. Continue reading

Finding your balance

Marriage ain’t no romance novel.

I am not married to Westley, no offense dear, and Alex…he is not married to Buttercup. (Name that movie we all love!) We look pretty dang cute in our Christmas photos, heck any of our photos, because we only take those when we actually like each other. Continue reading