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Guess what!

Our Marriage Adventure is MOVING.

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That’s right, we’re moving to a new server. A new format. A whole stinkin’ NEW look.

The address will still be the same http://ourmarriageadventure.com but the look will be new.

Your email subscriptions SHOULD work, but just in case by tomorrow you should hop on over to our new site and check it all out!

No really go. Go on – I’ll be waiting with the doormat mostly washed of mud from Alex’s boots, and my heels should all be put away. I promise.

(If you can’t see the changes clear your browsing history / cache and try again!)


Flowers to Brighten the Day

I just love flowers don’t you? The color, the scents, and the overall “oomph” they can add to a room really just make me smile. Plus they make a great addition to any room as a touch of décor.

(Alex smiles less in the spring because of pollen. I do not share this poor affliction.)

So is it any wonder that I wish I had a beautiful front yard full of colorful blooms? Not to me! I wish I had a yard that makes passer-by’s go “Ohh and AHH.” A Martha Stewart meets Home and Garden by way of Country Living style yard if you please.

Only kicker?

I also have a black arm. Not just a thumb. Or even a hand. Nope, the whole dang arm is black. It’s an affliction I tell you.

I honestly think plants look at me coming and go “Look droopy fellows, quick! She won’t pick us if we look weak.”

In fact, my boss recently gifted me with the most gorgeous potted Orchid. Alex’s response when he found out my gift…”I’ll pray for it.” (I hope his prayers are strong…the thing will need ‘em!) I want it to live, I hope that counts!

Potted Orchid

So I tend to stick to fake flowers. I may have to dust the darn things, but hey at least my table looks great!

What about you? Are you any good at growing things and keeping them alive?

The Great Easter Basket Hunt

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Peter Cottontail
Here comes Peter Cottontail,
Hopping’ down the bunny trail,
Hippity, hoppity,
Easter’s on its way.

Did Peter Cottontail / the Easter Bunny come to your house this year? I saw so many families and tweets and status updates today as families gathered and celebrated the day. Many times I saw references to a hunt for eggs!

Easter came with a bit of a hunt for us too this year. As a surprise to Alex I decided to add a new twist to our traditional Easter Basket exchange by waking him with a fun little note!

“Well Hello Alex, I hopped through early this morning and since you were still sleeping I hid your basket and left you clues in these eggs. Good Luck!”

Easter Basket Hunt

(Camouflage eggs were just the ticket for a hidden egg Easter basket hunt!)

Easter Egg Hunt

The clues continued and were hidden from his sock drawer to our toasting goblets from the wedding and even managed to find themselves out ON TOP of his Jeep. Some were a tad harder to find, perhaps I should have stuck the clue to the one in the coffee grinds a bit closer to the beginning.

Searching for Easter Eggs

After many moments in thought and few moments of just pure laughter Alex was finally able to find and open his Easter Basket. From chocolate rabbits to jelly beans the basket was decorated and filled, plus it even included a toy!

(I mean, really, doesn’t ever great egg seeker deserve a toy to reward all that hard work?)

Finding the Easter Basket, Opening the Easter Basket

Only kicker…um Peter Cottontail forgot to leave some batteries. So for now, Alex’s toy is our latest table decor.

Did you get an Easter basket? What was in it?

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My Day in Photos

You ever have one of those day’s when you look at the clock and just WISH for bedtime? How do you get over those days? Today is one of those days.

This morning I woke up early. I was super proud of myself, then I hit snooze because I had an extra five minutes to sleep. Guess what….that button wasn’t for snooze. It was for OFF. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who has done this.) So my normally empty drive looked more like this.

Atlanta commutes Continue reading

A new day, a new SITS Challenge

Have y’all heard of SITS? I did a post a couple of weeks back where I mentioned I had just completed participation in the “31 Days to a Better Blog” challenge and I liked it so much (as well as I was able to meet many new fantastic bloggers) that I jumped right on board when Lynda announced she’d be leading (along with several other ladies) the SITS Photography Challenge.

I mean, hey it’s a challenge that is basically all about improving the photographs, which I love to include in my blog posts and put around the house.

(No really, ask Alex we seriously have photos just lying around our house awaiting space on a wall, shelf, etc.)

I’ve been pretty dang lackadaisical about getting my tush in gear for this challenge, but today (well today as in the day I’ve caught up to, not the actual day everyone who is on top of things is on) is all about social media and promoting the blog and photos. Do y’all use a particular social media outlet to promote your blog or your photos? Continue reading