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All You Need Is Love

Love is in the air, la de da da….yes I am singing. Ok humming really because my voice is gone due to a stupid cold. But that my internet friends is a happy sound you hear (unless you are Alex and thus the one who has to listen to me actually attempt to hum with a rasp, hack-hack, and whammer of a cough in between lines).

Why so happy you ask? Well there are a few things to be joyous about. Continue reading


A Ray of Sunshine

This weekend was such a blast.

Saturday I was able to really indulge myself and be as lazy as possible. I played my game World of Warcraft for several (four or more) hours through out the day. I also read a book to back up the brain cells I managed to kill by playing exorbitant amounts of video game.

Then because I felt so bad for being lazy I went around opening blinds and windows to air out the house since it was such an amazing day outside. Sunny and in the 60’s really made me smile. I did laundry and re-made our guest bed and cleaned the guest bath as well, which made me feel really accomplished.

During all this the cats were just everywhere trying to “help.” Continue reading